Leica and Rockland Immunochemicals Investigate Sub-cellular Akt Localization Using STED Microscopy

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Leica hascollaborated with Rockland Immunochemicals to jointly analyzethe sub-cellular localization of Akt using high-resolution STEDmicroscopy.

Leica STED super-resolution microscopy allows for theinvestigation of cellular structural details beyond the resolutionof conventional confocal microscopy. This has allowed anunparalleled ability to visualize cellular events. Indeed, STEDimaging allowed for the first time to clearly associate theactivated Akt with tubulin network early after EGF stimulation.Tubulin-a protein used by cells to form microtubules-interactingwith Akt could facilitate its migration upon activation. As it isknown that AKT plays an essential role in cancer cell signaling,this unprecedented direct observation could initiate and open anexciting new avenue in cancer research.

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