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monoclonal antibody production
Rockland's monoclonal antibody development services allow generation of high quality and target specific antibodies.  As a complete service, Rockland can design, synthesize and conjugate peptides for use as immunogen for your monoclonal development program.  Alternatively, should you choose to utilize a protein or live cell line as a primary antigen, your needs will be accommodated.
Host Species for Monoclonal Development
  • Balb/C Mouse
  • Lewis Rat
  • Armenian Hamster

Immunogen Development

  • Peptide Design Consultation
  • Peptide Synthesis and Conjugation
  • Recombinant Protein Design and Preparation

Monoclonal Development Process

  • Animal Immunization
  • Pre-fusion Test Bleed (Customizable)
  • Electrofusion of Spleenocytes and Myeloma Cells - provides a greater number of positive clones than traditional methods
  • Screening of Parental Clones (Customizable)
  • Sub-cloning to generate monoclonal cell lines 



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