21st Century Biochemicals Products


Epi-Plus™ and other fine antibodies now manufactured and sold by Rockland Immunochemicals!


We are excited to announce that Rockland has acquired all the antibody products previously produced to the highest standards of quality by 21st Century Biochemicals. 


Rockland's leading antibody products now include:   the Epi-Plus™ epigenetic antibody line, beta-amyloid antibodies and a variety of other antibodies for signal transduction, Huntington's and other research disciplines.  We also now offer a full array of epigenetic, beta amyloid, T cell, Apelin and pTH peptides manufactured by 21st Century Biochemicals. These high quality antibodies and peptides are available from Rockland for immediate delivery. 


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While we work to update our website, all 21st Century catalog products may be ordered from Rockland via phone or e-mail. Soon we will have these products available alongside our other products on www.rockland-inc.com.


Please call 800.656.7625 or e-mail orders@rockland-inc.com to order 21st Century Biochemicals products today! 


The 21st Century Biochemicals catalog includes the Epi-Plus™ Antibodies and specializes in several key categories:

  • H3 and H4 Epigenetic Antibodies
  • H3 and H4 Epigenetic Peptides
  • HDAC Antibodies
  • Beta Amyloid Antibodies
  • Beta Amyloid Peptides
  • Apelin Peptides 
  • Parathyroid Hormone Fragments
  • Antimicrobial Peptides
  • Caspase Substrates

Epi-Plus™ antibodies are the most well validated antibodies available for epigenetics research. All Epi-Plus™ antibodies are multi-assay validated, including testing by dot blots using modified peptide arrays, western blots, and chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP). Please contact us for details.



 To order 21st Century Biochemicals products today:

Call Rockland: Phone: 610.369.1008  Toll Free: 800.656.7625