Cascade Antibody Generation

Cascade Host Cell Protein Antibody Reagent Generation

Cascade immunization is a method where the animals are boosted using complete Host Cell Protein (HCP) extract.  After immunization and primary boosting, antisera is collected.  The developed anti-HCP antibodies are purified and used to immunoprecipitate the immunodominant antigens from the HCP extract.  The remaining  HCP antigens are used to boost the animals in what is called a cascade immunization.   This method of immunization has been shown to improve the coverage of the final anti-HCP antibody reagent by driving an immune response and development of antibodies against the weaker immunogens or lower concentration proteins in the HCP.  Coverage is demonstrated by western blot or 2D Analysis against the HCP extract.  HCP-detection assay development is available.  To obtain the optimal level of coverage multiple host animals may be utilized. The following species are available; Rabbit, Chicken, Sheep, Goat and Donkey.


Cascade Immunization


Cascade Antibody Generation


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