Collaboration is the key to success in any type of research. It allows colleagues to exchange ideas, shift paradigms, and break barriers that operating autonomously would never breach. At Rockland, that’s why we actively pursue partnerships with leading universities, independent research laboratories, and medical organizations. Our work with the scientific community is as broad as it is deep, utilizing our vast resources to collaborate on research needs worldwide. We work with top researchers to develop antibody reagents not currently in existence, striving to achieve far reaching scientific results through research-focused products. Ultimately, our scientists and researchers share the same goal – high-quality reagents that are properly validated for accuracy.


Rockland partners with researchers in highly reputable organizations around the world to realize groundbreaking innovation in a variety of scientific genres. Through these partnerships, our scientists can create the antibodies needed to yield new discoveries, providing highly specialized tools and systems that deliver repeatable and reliable results. When our collaborative researchers have technical questions, our scientists - not sales representatives – are providing the answers. These interpersonal collaborations between scientists are critical to our success.




Current Collaborations


Rockland is currently partnered with a number industry leading organizations, including the National Cancer Institute and Lankenau Institute for Medical Research. Read more about each of these projects and the scientific innovations they have led to below:



 The Wistar Institute Rockland Immunochemicals Inc. has partnered with The Wistar Research Institute, to produce, validate and distribute a diverse panel of patient derived low passage melanoma cell lines from freshly excised metastases. These preclinical tumor cell line models can be used to identify the critical target genes and pathways enacted by genomic alterations and lead to a more accurate prediction of the effectiveness of novel cancer therapeutics and facilitate cancer research.  Learn more about this collaboration.


Rockland partners with National Cancer Institute’s Center for Cancer Research, and the team has released over 100 antibodies involved in signal transduction and cancer research so far. Learn more about this collaboration.


Rockland collaborates with LIMR to provide monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies, which bind biomarkers crucial for cell signaling, immune system regulation, inflammatory responses, cellular metabolism, and cancer progression. Learn more about this collaboration.


Rockland has collaborated with Wheaton on the development of the CELLine Bioreactor Flask, which can help labs cut costs while providing high quality results in a number of analyses, including Western Blot, ELISA and immunohistochemistry assays. Learn more about this collaboration.



Rockland Immunochemicals has collaborated with Bio-Rad to develop an enhanced multiplex fluorescent western blotting protocol. The assays produce high resolution immunoblots on PVDF membrane, providing increased visibility and profiling of low abundance proteins. Learn more about this collaboration.


Rockland has collaborated with Leica Microsystems to jointly analyze the sub-cellular localization of Akt using high-resolution STED microscopy.  Learn more about this collaboration.


Rockland Immunochemicals and Emory University have collaborated to develop novel antibodies and antibody based tools for Cancer, Cell Signaling and Chromatin research.  Learn more about this collaboration. 


Rockland Immunochemicals teamed up with Lonza, a global leader in life science products and services, to improve your western blot results. Lonza PAGEr™ Gels combined with Rockland’s extensive range of antibodies and antibody-based tools ensure consistent results with continual compatibility for western blot assays. Learn more about this collaboration.



Rockland Immunochemicals, partnering with the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital has released a series of antibodies that are involved in signal transduction and cancer research. The ultimate goal of this collaboration is to aid the fostering of development of disease prevention guidelines and the discovery of novel therapies.  Learn more about this collaboration.



Rockland Immunochemicals Inc. is a proud supporter of SAPA-GP and it's relation to the Pharmaceutical industry.  Learn more about this affiliation.


Syngene is a supplier of gel documentation (gel doc) systems for rapid, accurate imaging and analysis of 1D gels, 2D gels, fluorescent and chemiluminescent blots.  Rockland has developed DyLight™ Multiplex Fluorescent Western Blotting Kits for use with G:BOX Gel Imager System or equivalent Imaging Systems.  Learn more about this collaboration. 


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Precision Biosystem's BlotCycler combined with Rockland’s extensive range of DyLight fluorochrome conjugated secondary antibodies offer a time-saving alternative and an improved quality of results.  Learn more about this collaboration.

Pall Logo Pall Life Sciences, a global leader in life science products and services, has teamed up with Rockland Immunochemicals to demonstrate the impact of high quality products in Western Blotting. Learn more about this collaboration.


We Want to Work with You!


Our scientists are not only interested in providing quality products, but in deriving scientific discovery on the cutting edge of their fields. Rockland works on many high-profile research projects and we continue to seek and receive government research grants in cancer and immunological research. We have a broad spectrum of research experience, including:

We specialize in developing solutions that help drive scientific innovation. Rockland scientists are direct contributors to the success of research in their areas of expertise and always are focused on learning new techniques. Contact us today to see how we can work with you on your next project. If you are interested in partnering with Rockland, contact us today. 


Select Collaborative Products

Rockland has an entire portfolio of collaborative products with LIMR and other leading institutions. Those products include:


Anti-GFP (CHICKEN) Antibody


Anti-ATM Phospho S1981 Antibody


Anti-PDCD4 Antibody