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Rockland kits contain an assortment of required antibodies (primary antibodies, secondary antibodies, or types of conjugated antibodies for specific detection), substrates, and any other required component for a specific experiment. Rockland offers assay kits designed to provide the user with all of the critical components to perform an immunoassay, and sampler kits full of a variety of antibodies or buffers designed for fine-tuning your experiment or researching common pathways. 


TrueBlot® IP and Western Blot Kit for DYKDDDDK (FLAG®) 88-8887-383

CellCountEZ™ Cell Survival
Assay Kit

Immunoprecipitation Kit:

TrueBlot® IP and Western Blot Kit



Benefits of purchasing kits over separate components:

  • Fast Results – Kits can often directly or indirectly cut analysis time as they require less upfront setup and optimization.
  • High Sensitivity – Our kits maintain the Rockland standard for sensitivity, making them the same as or better than classical procedures.
  • Reproducible Results – Like all Rockland products, kits provide highly reproducible and accurate results.
  • Economical – Purchasing a kit saves on a variety of shipping and packaging costs, and ensures that all materials needed for analysis are available at the time of purchase.


Cell Survival Kits

Immunohistochemistry Kits

Chemiluminescent Western Blot Kits

Immunoprecipitation Kits

Colorimetric Western Blot Kits

Isotyping Kits

DyLight Multiplex Western Blot Kits

PAP Kits


Radial Immunodiffusion Kits 

Fluorescent Western Blot Kits

Sampler and Combo Packs

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Cell Survival Kits


Cell Survival kits are ideal for the determination of proliferation, cell cycle, or cell survival, based on a total cell population. Cell viability assays assess healthy cells in a sample, with no distinction between dividing or quiescent cells. An increase in cell viability indicates cell growth, while a decrease in viability can generally be interpreted as the result of either toxic effects of compounds/agents or suboptimal culture conditions. Rockland’s Cell Survival kits are the results of active research in cell signaling, immune system regulation, inflammatory responses, cellular metabolism, and cancer progression.


CellCountEZ™ Cell Survival Assay Kit
Oxphos™ Cell Survival Assay Kit
Intracellular ThiolEZ™ Cell Survival Assay Kit


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Chemiluminescent Western Blot Kits


Chemiluminescent Western Blot kits are the most versatile kit offering in the Rockland portfolio. Containing relevant buffers and a reporter molecule, detection of the membrane bound antibody-antigen complex is achieved by the addition of a secondary antibody conjugated to the enzyme horseradish peroxidase. The enzyme reacts with a specialized formulation of luminol, an extremely sensitive, non-radioactive substrate that emits light and allows visualization using X-ray film or other imaging methods, including highly sensitive CCD cameras and imaging systems. Rockland’s TrueBlot® product line provides 6 unique chemiluminescent western blot kits as well as individual TrueBlot® reagents.

Mouse TrueBlot® Set (with IP beads)
GFP Western Blot Kit: for GFP Chemiluminescent Western Blotting
Rabbit TrueBlot® Western Blot Kit

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Colorimetric Western Blot Kits


Rockland offers Colorimetric Western Blot kits for the detection of goat, human, mouse and rabbit primary antibodies. The MaxTag™ western blot kits provide a rapid, sensitive, and economical way to develop western blots. The design of these kits simplifies the process of western blotting applications. Straightforward procedures and color-coding add to the ease of use. Two substrates are typically provided for flexibility, TMB substrate producing a bright blue color and DAB substrate producing a dark brown color.

Colorimetric Western Blot Kit: TMB/DAB Substrate Kit for Western Blot using Rabbit Primary Antibody MaxTag™
BCIP/TNBT Membrane Alkaline Phosphatase Substrate
Colorimetric Western Blot Kit: TMB/DAB Substrate Kit for WBlot using Mouse Primary Ab MaxTag™

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DyLight™ Multiplex Fluorescent Western Blot Kits


Rockland has developed DyLight™ Multiplex Fluorescent Western Blotting Kits for use with G:BOX Gel Imager System or equivalent Imaging Systems. These kits are suited for simultaneous detection and quantification of multiple proteins on the same blot using DyLight™ dye-labeled secondary antibodies that are visualized in different fluorescence channels. The two or three-color multiplexing abilities of G:BOX with the high quality digital camera and band-pass filters matched to a large range of fluorochromes allows for detection of multiple proteins.


 DyLight Multiplex Fluorescent Western Blot Kits






Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assays (ELISA) are powerful and sensitive immunoassays. Often interpreted by chromogenic or chemiluminescent changes, ELISAs are ideal for determining antibody affinities, quantifying serological proteins and elucidating biochemical pathways. Rockland offers a number of ELISA kits that enable the qualification and quantification of analytes and antibody binding efficiencies.

NFkB (p50) ELISA Kit
NF-kB (p65) ELISA Kit
TMB ELISA Peroxidase Substrate

Fluorescent Western Blot Kits


The increasing popularity of fluorescent western blotting is a product of the increasing affordability of imaging systems and reagents, its versatile uses, and the aesthetic results it produces. Rockland has an extensive offering of fluorochrome conjugates across the entire wavelength spectrum. We have combined our technical expertise with the specificity of our antibodies to produce a line of multiplex western blotting kits, these kits allow for the individual (1-color) or simultaneous (2-color) detection of primary antibodies using differently labeled secondary antibodies.

Dylight™ Multiplex 649/488/800 Trio Western Blot Kit


Dylight™ Multiplex 649/549 Duo Western Blot Kit  





Immunohistochemistry Kits



Rockland’s MaxTag™ Histo Immunohistochemistry Kits allow for the detection of primary polyclonal or monoclonal antibodies provided by the user. The IHC kit relies upon the high specificity of avidin-biotin binding for visualization of an antigen. The antigen (usually within immobilized cells or tissue) is fixed and adhered to a glass microscope slide. A primary antibody reacts with the immobilized antigen to form an antigen-antibody complex. A second biotinylated antibody specific for the primary antibody reacts with the complex. Streptavidin conjugated to the enzyme peroxidase reacts with this complex localizing the enzyme at the site of the antigen. Finally, substrate is added causing a reaction with the peroxidase as a colored precipitate to form on the slide at the location of the antigen. The slide is viewed through a standard light microscope and, if desired, photographed for a permanent record. The stain and substrate color fade slowly, if at all, allowing the slides to be stored for future use. The contents of these kits are formulated for maximum ease of use and are color coded to eliminate confusion.

Immunohistochemistry Kit: IHC Kit for Rabbit Primary Antibody MaxTag™ Histo
Formaldehyde Fixative 16% (w/v) Ultrapure EM Grade (5 pack - 10 ml per ampule) MaxTag™ Histo for IHC
Immunohistochemistry Kit: IHC Kit for Mouse Primary Antibody MaxTag™ Histo

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Immunoprecipitation Kits


The combined procedures of immunoprecipitation and SDS-PAGE can be a powerful tool to assess the amount and size of an antibody-reactive antigen present in a complex protein mixture. Rockland’s immunoprecipitation kits focus on the epitope tags used as markers of protein localization, purification of recombinant proteins, tag detection and signal amplification. Combined with the power of the TrueBlot® product line, Rockland’s immunoprecipitation kits provide unparalleled clarity and reproducibility.


Immunoprecipitation Kit: DYKDDDDK (FLAG®) FLAG® epitope tag
TrueBlot® Immunoprecipitation and Western Blot Kit for 6X HIS Epitope Tag
TrueBlot® Immunoprecipitation and Western Blot Kit for GFP Epitope Tag        

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Isotyping Kits


Rockland’s IsoMax™ Rapid Mouse Monoclonal Isotyping Kit is a rapid lateral flow assay with sensitivity equal to ELISA for monoclonal antibody class and subclass determination. Isotype determination is a prerequisite for selecting the best immunoglobulin purification method. For example, IgA and IgM are often best purified by size or on immunoaffinity support columns, whereas IgG1, IgG2a and IgG2b can be purified by protein A chromatography at varying pH levels. IsoMax™ kits are available in 2 sizes, with sufficient reagents for testing 5 or 10 samples.


Isotyping Kit: Rapid Mouse Monoclonal Isotyping Kit IsoMax™ - 5 pack
Isotyping Kit: Rapid Mouse Monoclonal Isotyping Kit IsoMax™- 10 pack




Peroxidase anti-Peroxidase PAP Kits for IHC


 Immunohistochemistry or IHC is a mainstay immunoassay for many laboratories and is used to demonstrate the presence or absence of important proteins, detect post-translational modifications, diagnosis of disease and more. Rockland produces versatile antibodies and conjugates for use in immunohistochemistry experiments, as well as, high quality reagents for the setup and detection in IHC experiments. Available as Peroxidase-Anti-Peroxidase (PAP) conjugates, buffers and substrates, fixative and counterstain, and PAP pens. These easy-to-use, individual components result in low background and high signal producing the most sensitive IHC detection available.


Rabbit Peroxidase Anti-Peroxidase (PAP) Soluble Complex
PAP PEN MaxTag™ Histo for IHC
Formaldehyde Fixative 16% (w/v) Ultrapure EM Grade (5 pack - 10 ml per ampule) MaxTag™ Histo for IHC  


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Radial Immunodiffusion Kits


RID is a simple technique which requires minimal equipment.
We offer mouse immunoglobulins BINDARID and NANORID kits and Bovine proteins BINARID kits. These kits use latex enhanced antibodies to give accurate quantitation, even at low concentrations of protein. Kits contain RID plates, calibration and control materials along with sample diluent and full instructions for use.



RID kits




Sampler Pack and Combo Packs


Rockland provides several types of sampler packs, featuring pathway and starter kits, which allow researchers to optimize their assays in the most economical way possible. Antibody pathway kits consist of 3-5 trial size antibodies, offering researchers a cost effective and convenient method to examine numerous aspects of cellular signaling. Each kit contains several sample size antibodies, substrates or buffers, focused on the protein, method, or pathway of interest. Additionally, the required reporter antibodies and reagents also available from Rockland make detection and final analysis accurate and reproducible on a number of scales.

Blocking Buffer Sampler Kit
Epitope Tag Antibody Sampler Kit
AKT Isoform Antibody Sampler Kit

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Purchasing a kit from Rockland is fast, easy and economical, requiring just a few specific inputs based on your application. From there, our scientists can help you choose the kit that best fits your needs, or even help in the development of custom products to suit your project. Our process is based on flexibility and we treat your projects as if they are our own. Typical results and reproducibility from Rockland kits mirror that of our individual products, so as your success or demand increases, our replacement and full-size products will be available to suit any of your research needs.


TrueBlot IP/Western Blot Mouse Rabbit Goat




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