Rockland Immunochemicals and Lankenau Institute for Medical Research (LIMR) Expand Licensing and Commercialization Relationship

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Rockland Immunochemicals Inc., a biotechnology company manufacturing antibodies and antibody-based tools for basic research, diagnostic assay development and preclinical studies is pleased to announce the expansion of a licensing and commercialization relationship with Lankenau Institute for Medical Research (LIMR) through its business development subsidiary LIMR Development, Inc. (LDI). Instrumental in advancing this relationship was Carl Leighton of Wildwood Capital.


According to a new agreement, Rockland Immunochemicals will market established technologies including the CellCountEZ®, OxPhosTM, RadDoseTM and the Intracellular ThiolEZTM assays. Detailed product information is provided at  and


George Prendergast, PhD, President and CEO of LIMR stated: "We have been very pleased with our partnership with Rockland and are looking forward to continued success within this expanded relationship."


"LIMR's independent research encompassing cancer and inflammation elegantly enhances Rockland's antibody portfolio and technology platform. It is my belief that the new products included in our expanded licensing and commercialization agreement will enhance our ability to bring unique scientific opportunities to the global research community," commented James Fendrick, President and CEO of Rockland Immunochemicals.


Included in the additional product lines will be the CellCountEZ® assay measuring metabolically active cells while simultaneously quantifying cell death to determine cell viability, cell toxicity or cellular proliferation. The OxPhosTM assay is capable of determining the cellular glutathione recycling capacity in tissue culture as well as that of whole blood, thus providing insight into oxidative stress during the aging process, antioxidant levels upon delivery of chemotherapy regime and toxicology. The RadDoseTM assay is used for the measurement of ionizing radiation dose rates, while the Intracellular ThiolEZTM assay is capable of determining total intracellular thiols, including glutathione and cysteine, as a means of investigating the aging, oxidative stress, antioxidant, chemotherapy response and toxicology processes.


About Rockland Immunochemicals

 Rockland Immunochemicals has supported the biopharma and diagnostic industries with antibodies and antibody based tools™ for basic research, assay development and preclinical studies for 50 years. With facilities in Pennsylvania, Rockland manufactures over 10000 products ideally suited for integration into various assays performed on different platforms including western blot, immunohistochemistry (IHC), immunofluorescence (IF), microscopy, ELISA and FLOW cytometry.


About LIMR Development, Inc.
LIMR Development, Inc. (LDI) is the business development subsidiary of Lankenau Institute for Medical Research (LIMR). LDI promotes the research conducted by LIMR scientists through technology development and commercialization to create new diagnostic, prognostic and therapeutic tools for clinical and research use. For more about LDI's products and services, go to


Founded in 1927, LIMR is an independent, non-profit biomedical research center located in suburban Philadelphia on the campus of the Lankenau Medical Center. The Institute's faculty and staff are dedicated to advancing the understanding of diseases such as cancer, heart disease and diabetes. For additional information on LIMR, please visit