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CEDARVILLE Engineering Group & Rockland Immunochemicals, Inc. Collaborate Together on a 3D Bioprinting Discovery Project 2018-01-09 News CEDARVILLE Engineering Group, LLC, (CEDARVILLE) and Rockland Immunochemicals, Inc., today announced a research collaboration designed to explore the development of inn


Save 25% on primary antibodies 2017-01-05 News New Year: Save on Primary Antibodies Rockland's catalog primary antibodies are 25% off.  The manufacturer you trust offers quality  primary antibodies  and secondary antibodies. U


Magnetic nanoparticles with superior binding efficiency 2016-12-22 News New Magnetic Beads Available from Rockland! Rockland now offers uniform, non-aggregating, super-paramagnetic beads for immunoprecipitation, cell isolation, activa


Rockland Immunochemicals, Inc. Partners with Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation to Support Early Career Childhood Cancer Researchers 2016-12-14 News In a continuing effort in the fight against childhood cancer, Rockland awarded the Joy Cappel Young Investigator Award (JCYIA) to two Alex’s Lemonade Stand Found


Tips for Multiplex Fluorescent Western Blotting 2016-11-28 News Optimize Concentrations Optimize primary and secondary antibody concentrations by incubating the membranes in several dilutions of each antibody. Select the dilution that yields the highest signal-to-ba


Custom Services and Capabilities 2016-11-09 News View in Browser About       Products       Services       Contact Rockland's Custom Capabilities Rockland is


[Brochure] Neuroscience Antibodies 2016-11-08 News Rockland's Neuroscience Antibodies Neuroscience is a complex field of study focused on central and peripheral components of the nervous system.  Neuroscience antibodies  encompass a wide array of anti


NF-kB Signaling Pathway Antibodies 2016-10-26 News NF-kB Signaling Pathway Antibodies The NF-kB transcription factors play important roles in regulating the expression of  cytokines, growth factors  and inhibitors of  apoptosis . Thes


Scientific Flowchart: Antibody Selection 2016-10-13 News   Are you using the right secondary antibody?  


New Sensitive & Specific ELISA Kits 2016-10-04 News New ELISA Kits Available from Rockland! Rockland is proud to announce our new line of AccuSignal ELISA kits! We offer a wide variety of ELISA kits in sandwic

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