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Game of Clones: Discover Validated Phospho Specific Antibodies 2014-04-10 News Did you know flow cytometry offers certain advantages over using lysates for interrogation of cell signaling proteins studies? A lysate approach looks at the average cell response in the population, while flow cytometry allows fo


GAME OF CLONES: See what everyone is talking about 2014-04-10 News Is your lab working with phospho-specific antibodies and in need of a custom project? Rockland can develop monoclonal or polyclonal custom phospho specific antibodies to the phosphorylation sites of interest. View the Full Newsletter.


We want to see you today! 2014-04-07 News You're Invited! We look forward to seeing you at ACCR! Doing research? Take advantage of our Game of Clones: House Phospho promotion for April.  View the Full Newsletter Here.


New Flow Cytometry Validated Antibodies + 25% Off Phospho 2014-04-01 News Staining of intracellular targets - often activated (i.e. phosphorylated) enzymes in key cell signaling pathways, such as AKT , for analysis by flow cytometry depend on the ability to successfully fix and permeabilize the c


Going to AACR? You could win a MacBook Air. 2014-03-27 News How to win: Visit each participating booth listed above toreceive an entry card or have one stamped. Return the entry card to Promega (Booth 1449) by 12:00pm on Wednesday, April 9th forthe drawing! Get your entry card here!


Custom Western Blot & Multiplex Solutions Made Easy 2014-03-20 News Let Rockland's expertise in assay development guide you through the complexity of designing and developing an immunoassay. Rockland's scientific expertise offers highly customized solutions to meet your basic, applied and clinical resear


Rockland Antibodies Show a Lively Interaction for Cell Bio Research 2014-03-18 News Rockland Immunochemicals offers purification services for recombinant expressed proteins and developed antibodies to ensure accurate findings.Rockland effectively developed and affinity purified a rabbit polyclonal anti-RSL


Rockland Expansion Featured in DDNews 2014-03-17 News The first couple months of the year have been a time of inaugurating a new, more expansive facility for Rockland Immunochemicals Inc., as well as gradually moving into that new space, located in Limerick, Pa. Read the DDN Article Here.


Rockland Helps Form Strategies Against Cataracts 2014-03-13 News  Rockland’s antibodies are used on a worldwide scale and have helped capture results in various areas of research including Neuroscience. Most recently, the APP antibody assisted in studying the attachment of AB1-42 in lens epithelium, helping


Illucidate Tumor Cell Grown Supression with Rockland Antibodies 2014-03-11 News Rockland’s knowledge, experience and state-of-the-art facility can assist in gene expression studies, as well as recombinant protein expression and characterization. Rockland partnered with the NCI to create a CASZ1 antibody, rec


Game of Clones: 20% Off Monoclonal Projects in March 2014-03-06 News At Rockland, our scientists will work with you to develop antibodies targeted to meet your specific research needs. Our dedicated and experienced staff provides support in peptide design, screening strategies and purification methodology to


New Complete Guide For All Your Western Blot Needs 2014-03-04 News Pall Life Sciences, a global leader in life science products and services, has teamed up with Rockland Immunochemicals to demonstrate the impact of high quality products in immunoassays, including Western Blotting. View the Full Newsletter H


Critical Discovery of HDAC Inhibition in Leukemia Treatments 2014-02-25 News Rockland's HSP90 antibody served as a key tool in the discovery of HDAC inhibition in Leaukemia Treatments. View Newsletter Here


Ensure the Accuracy of Your Western Blot with Rockland HDAC Antibodies 2014-02-18 News The identification of histone acetyltransferases and the large, associated multi-protein complexes provides insight into the regulation of transcription. Western blot analyses using Rockland HDAC antibodies can help accu


Rockland Helps Elucidate p65 Function on HDAC Gene Regulation 2014-02-13 News Research published in Mol. Cell. Biol ( Ashburner et al., 2001) using Rockland NF-kB p65 specific antibodies , demonstrates that the transactivation function of NF-kB is regulated through interaction with histone deacetylase (HD


HDAC Antibodies Aid With Targeting Neurological Diseases 2014-02-12 News Research suggests that inhibiting some HDACs can be beneficial for patients suffering from neurological disorders such as schizophrenia. Researchers use HDAC antibodies and various histone specific assays to understand the internal re


Improve Your Cancer Research Results with Rockland HDAC Antibodies 2014-02-11 News  HDACs are among the most promising therapeutic targets for cancer treatment. Rockland produces highly specific HDAC antibodies for histone assays that can help pinpoint intracellular reactions related to cancer growth. To


Achieve Better Results with Rockland HDAC Antibodies 2014-02-04 News Rockland HDAC antibodies are dominant epigenetic tools used in IF microscopy , immunoprecipitation , IHC and Western Blot analysis . Acetylation is a key component in the regulation of gene expression and HDAC enzymes are in


Enhanced HCP ELISA detection using Antibodies validated by two-dimensional (2D) electrophoresis and western blotting 2014-01-30 News Biopharmaceuticals require products to be free of host cell protein (HCP) contaminants. These HCPs may be left behind during the purification process from the expression host


Fluorescent TrueBlot® Sheds Light on Immunological Response 2014-01-23 News Immunology studies all aspects of the physiological response of the immune system in both healthy and diseased states. Often these responses are complex in nature, making it difficult to accurately capture analysis data without inter


Enhance Western Blot Results with Fluorescent TrueBlot® 2014-01-22 News Fluorescent TrueBlot® reagents enable you to generate clear, best-quality data in individual immunoprecipitation  and Western blots , but can also be used when the two protocols are combined to enhance the cla


Rockland Immunochemicals Donates 100% of “Pink” Product Proceeds to 2014-01-20 News Rockland Immunochemicals Inc. today announced that it donated $6,700 to, based on the sales of “Pink products”.  In October 2013, Rockland declared seven groups of products “pink” in an effor


Fluorescent TrueBlot® Increases Sensitivity of Cell Biology Results 2014-01-16 News Cellular response is based on the interaction of a variety of systems, which can create a great deal of background interference when not properly controlled. TrueBlot® products , including the new Fluorescent TrueBlo


Fluorescent TrueBlot Advances Cancer Research 2014-01-15 News Immunohistochemistry provides insight into cancerous tumor growth and how cancer spreads throughout the body. Immunohistochemical staining is the most common method of diagnosis for abnormal cell growth, yet results often are contaminated o


Fluorescent TrueBlot Advances Cancer Research 2014-01-14 News Immunohistochemistry provides insight into cancerous tumor growth and how cancer spreads throughout the body. Immunohistochemical staining is the most common method of diagnosis for abnormal cell growth, yet results often are contaminated o


Penn Symposium in Epigenetics and Cancer 2014-01-08 News Rockland is a proud sponsor of the Perelman School of Medicine Penn Symposium in Epigenetics and Cancer This Symposium will be held on Tuesday, January 14, 2014  in the Rubenstein Auditorium in the Smilow Center for Translational Researc


Rockland's Fluorescent TrueBlot Sheds New Light on Your Experiments 2014-01-07 News Rockland Immunochemicals Inc. introduces Fluorescent TrueBlot® , a new format of our highly powerful and specific TrueBlot product line, combined with the versatility of fluorescent and near infrared dyes. TrueBlot prod


Rockland Expansion Increases Immunology Antibody Availability 2013-12-19 News Immunology research provides insight into complex disease control and treatment options, and Rockland has long been a partner in these experiments. The accuracy and quality offered by our antibody products is unsurpassed and w


Happy Holidays from Rockland 2013-12-17 News We want to take this opportunity to say Happy Holidays and thank you for your business over the past year. As the New Year approaches, be sure to take advantage of our Asset Assurance program to help manage any end-of-the-year funding needs. Also, our $199 Pr


Rockland Expands Facilities and Production Capabilities 2013-12-12 News Cell biology research requires precise and accurate testing to ensure experiments deliver repeatable results. Rockland provides a number of cell biology related antibodies to ensure your experiments deliver accurate data in every si


Rockland Expands to Better Serve Neurology Antibody Demand 2013-12-11 News Rockland neuroscience related antibodies help pinpoint intracellular interactions that can lead to breakthroughs in treatment for a variety of neurological disorders. However, these breakthroughs require a consistent supply of hi


Rockland Expands to Fill Increased Cancer Research Needs 2013-12-10 News We know that your research may lead to the next innovative discovery in the cancer research field. That is why we continually strive to maintain quality in every step of our production process. Rockland has always been known for tw