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Improve your Epigenetics Research 2015-03-26 News About         Products         Services       Contact 3 Reasons to Choose Rockland's Epigenetics Antibodies It All Starts With


APS study for understanding potential therapeutic targeting of Notch signaling 2015-03-12 News Buy 2 Trial Size Antibodies, Get 1 Free About         Products         Services         Contact


Save on Hundreds of Trial Size Antibodies Today 2015-03-04 News Buy 2 Trial Size Antibodies, Get 1 Free in March! About         Products         Services         Contact Hundr


Multi-assay Functional Antibodies in HCP Detection 2015-02-12 News Free Shipping & Handling on TrueBlot Orders About         Products         Services         Contact Mult


PLOS study for noninvasive procedures to treat genetic disease 2015-02-11 News Free Shipping & Handling on TrueBlot Orders About         Products         Services         Contact


Free shipping & handling on exclusive TrueBlot products! 2015-02-03 News Free Shipping and Handling on TrueBlot in February! About         Products         Services         Contact


Tips from the Most Interesting Man in the World 2015-01-30 News From the Most Interesting Scientist in the World About         Products         Services       Contact Match the host sp


Rockland's Dylight: Supporting Cancer Biomarker Research 2015-01-14 News 25% off Secondary Antibodies in January About         Products         Services         Contact Rocklan


Happy New Year! Get 25% off Secondary Antibodies 2015-01-07 News Published Antibodies from Rockland About         Products         Services         Contact Secondary Antibody O


Best Wishes for the Year Ahead! 2014-12-19 News About         Products         Services       Contact All of us at Rockland join in wishing you a joyous holiday season and a new year of health, happiness and prosperity. W


Finding the link between let-7 and the Notch signaling pathway 2014-12-12 News About         Products         Services       Contact Rockland anti-Notch Verified with Control Peptide Rockland's   A


Published Antibodies Available for Licensing 2014-12-11 News About         Products         Services       Contact Rockland AKT-1 Available for Licensing Rockland’s phosphorylation specific AKT anti


Free Game of Clones Calendars & T-Shirts in December! 2014-12-02 News About         Products         Services         Contact Rockland Offers Peptides of Exceptional Purity Peptides are excellent cont


Tips to Improve Your ELISA Data 2014-11-24 News About         Products         Services       Contact Before you start: determine the optimal reagent concentrations It is highly recom


Rockland to Develop Synthetic Antibodies for Modified RNA Detection & Quantitation 2014-11-17 News R ockland Immunochemicals to Develop Synthetic Antibodies for Modified RNA Detection and Quantitation with $225,000 SBIR Funded Grant Limerick, PA. November 17 th , 2014 – Rockland Immunoche

Rockland’s secondary antibodies were used to analyze and initiate development of detection assays to Alport post-transplant nephritis (APTN) (Olaru et al., J Am Soc Nephrol. 2013). APTN is an aggressive form of anti-glomerular basement membrane disease that targets the allograft in transplanted patients with X-linked Alport syndrome. Reliable detection of APTN using immunoassays is crucial to facilitate early and accurate diagnosis. 

Rockland antibodies used to detect APTN 2014-11-13 News About         Products         Services       Contact Rockland antibodies used to detect APTN Rockland’s secondary antibodies were used to


25% off Tag Antibodies 2014-11-06 News Use antibodies to detect, capture and enrich your fusion protein. Rockland carries highly sensitive antibodies against a vast variety of Epitopes and Fusion proteins, such as green fluorescent proteins, glutathione-S-transferase, Maltose Binding Proteins, Red Fluoresce


10 Ways to Improve your IF Microscopy Results 2014-10-23 News Use the appropriate antibody dilution It is possible to improve staining by adjusting the antibody dilution. Usually, 1 μg/mL of purified antibody or 1:100 to 1:1000 of anti-serum should be enough to achieve specific staining. It is always possib


Rockland purified immunoglobulins published in Ebola experiment 2014-10-14 News Rockland purified immunoglobulins were used in the development of sensitive diagnostic assays for the research of infectious diseases. This Ebola and Marburg filoviruses multiplex protein microarray-based assay was used to exami


Illuminate Your Research with DyLight Conjugates 2014-10-09 News Rockland's Anti-GFP DyLight™ 488 Conjugated and Anti-GFP Rabbit antibodies were used to investigate the cellular identity and lineage potential of parity-identified mammary epithelial cells. (Chang et al. 2014) The team of scientists obtained


Less work & superior results for your Western blots 2014-10-02 News Rockland's gel electrophoresis marker products display an array of bands to eliminate molecular weight size ambiguity, while reducing the need for hands-on work. Click here to view the full newsletter


Rockland Celebrates New Facility with Ribbon Cutting Event 2014-09-25 News The Rockland team began planning the new facility in 2012 and moved into the new corporate headquarters in March of 2014. On September 19th, we celebrated our move with Life Science professionals of the Greater Philadelphia area, sta


Bulk Antibodies for Any Timeline or Budget 2014-09-11 News Rockland is the reliable and dependable choice for your antibody and reagent needs, with over 50 years of experience in antibody development, bulk manufacturing and QC testing capabilities. Rockland also offers a variety of standard and specialty buf


Save on Antibodies and Antibody Tools with Rockland! 2014-09-09 News It's that time of the year again. Are you prepared? Don't forget to pick up what you need at Rockland Immunochemicals for the new academic year! We offer thousands of antibodies and antibody tools that can aid you with your research.


Rockland Immunochemicals, Inc. Awarded SBIR Funding to Develop Antibody-Based Point of Care Device for the Diagnosis of Sickle Cell Disease 2014-09-08 News Limerick, PA. September 8th, 2014 – Rockland Immunochemicals, Inc. (Rockland) announced today the award of a $224,473 Small Business Innovation Research


We Can Help You Choose the Right Secondary Antibody 2014-09-04 News Identifying the optimal secondary antibody is commonly done based on the nature of the primary antibody and the detection assay. Rockland's secondary antibodies can be used throughout various types of assays, including ELISA or Western Blot


10 Ways to Improve your ChIP Results 2014-08-28 News Technical Tips for Success with Chromatin Immunoprecipation Click Here to View the Full Newsletter


Customizable Options for HCP Development 2014-08-14 News Biopharmaceuticals require products to be free of residual host cell protein (HCP) contaminants from the bioprocessing workflow. To evaluate the presence of residual contamination during the bioprocessing and the final biopharmaceutical product, devel


High Quality Collagen Antibodies Ready for Publication 2014-08-12 News Collagens are the most abundant proteins of the extracellular matrix (ECM), and are frequently studied to understand how diseases function on a cellular level. Rockland collagen antibodies were recently used to study how collagen changes


Save 25% on our most popular buffers 2014-08-05 News Rockland Immunochemicals is a leader in blocking buffer development, maintaining continuous quality control and process management throughout production. Our blocking buffer formulations reduce nonspecific binding of sample and assay components while stab