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Protein A/G Purification

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Protein A/G Purification Properties

PROTEIN A/G PURIFICATION (up to 100 ml serum or 100 ml of ascites or 500 ml of processed and concentrated tissue culture supernate) - CUST91
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Protein A/G Purification Description

Chromatography is performed on up to 100 mL of antiserum, ascites or concentrated tissue culture supernatant to purify immunoglobulins known to bind (including certain mouse subclasses) Protein A/G.
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This product is for research use only and is not intended for therapeutic or diagnostic applications. Please contact a technical service representative for more information. All products of animal origin manufactured by Rockland Immunochemicals are derived from starting materials of North American origin. Collection was performed in United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) inspected facilities and all materials have been inspected and certified to be free of disease and suitable for exportation. All properties listed are typical characteristics and are not specifications. All suggestions and data are offered in good faith but without guarantee as conditions and methods of use of our products are beyond our control. All claims must be made within 30 days following the date of delivery. The prospective user must determine the suitability of our materials before adopting them on a commercial scale. Suggested uses of our products are not recommendations to use our products in violation of any patent or as a license under any patent of Rockland Immunochemicals, Inc. If you require a commercial license to use this material and do not have one, then return this material, unopened to: Rockland Inc., P.O. BOX 5199, Limerick, Pennsylvania, USA.
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