Rhodamine & Texas Red™

Rockland Immunochemicals conjugates rhodamine and Texas Red™ to Affinity Purified antibodies, avidin, streptavidin and F(ab)2 Fragments of Affinity Purified Antibodies. Tetramethyl Rhodamine Isothiocyanate (TRITC) and Texas Redtm have different absorption and emission spectra (see table below). The molar ratio of TRITC and Texas Redtm to protein (F/P ratio) in the conjugate ranges from 2 - 3. Both fluorochromes perform extremely well in double label experiments with fluorescein. Use Rockland Immunochemicals' adsorbed Affinity Purified antibodies for co-localization experiments where minimal cross reaction of fluorochrome conjugated secondary antibodies and very low backgrounds are desired. Texas Red™ is a registered trade mark of Molecular Probes Inc.