TrueBlot® Publication-Quality IP Western Blot Data

TrueBlot comparison with Conventional HRP IP Western Blot

TrueBlot® reagents allow the generation of publication-quality data in your Immunoprecipitation, Western Blot and IP Western Blot (GFP IP Western Blot, GFP IP Western Blot, and Phospho IP Western Blot) protocols. Available for goat, mouse, rabbit and sheep primary antibodies, TrueBlot® preferentially detects the native, disulfide form of IgG, effectively eliminating the appearance of non-specific, immunoglobulin bands from your immunoprecipitating antibody, in SDS-PAGE. Use TrueBlot® to eliminate 55 kDa heavy and ~23 kDa light chains from masking your proteins. Immunoprecipitation bead sets are also available for goat, mouse, and rabbit.TrueBlot® technology enables unhindered detection of protein bands of interest within IP western blot protocols which would otherwise be obscured by the presence of reduced & denatured heavy and light chain immunoglobulin in the IP blot (as detected by the conventional immunoblotting HRP anti-rabbit IgG reagent). TrueBlot® is the unique horseradish peroxidase conjugated anti-rabbit IgG immunoblotting second step reagent which enables detection of immunoblotted target protein bands, without hindrance by interfering immunoglobulin heavy and light chains from your IP antibody. Use it in place of your usual HRP anti-rabbit IgG immunoblotting second step reagent. It is easy to generate publication-quality IP/WB data with Rabbit IgG TrueBlot®.

  • Easy to Use - HRP-conjugated TrueBlot® anti-Ig simply replaces your regular HRP-conjugated secondary antibody.  
  • Accurate Target Detection - TrueBlot® preferentially detects native (non-denatured) Ig, ensuring you are only detecting your target protein.  
  • Ideal for studying post-translational protein modifications, e.g. phosphorylation, or protein-protein interactions.








Cat. No.


Mouse TrueBlot®: Anti-Mouse Ig Biotin 25 ug WB 13-8817-80
  100 ug WB 13-8817-82

Mouse TrueBlot® ULTRA: Anti-Mouse Ig HRP 20 uL IP, WB 18-8817-30
50 uL IP, WB 18-8817-31
  200 uL IP, WB 18-8817-33

Mouse TrueBlot® Set (with IP Beads) 50 uL IP, WB 88-7788-31

Mouse TrueBlot® Western Blot Kit 50 uL WB 88-8887-31

Rabbit TrueBlot®: Anti-Rabbit IgG HRP 50 uL IP, WB 18-8816-31
  200 uL IP, WB 18-8816-33

Rabbit TrueBlot® Set (with IP beads) 50 uL IP, WB 88-1688-31

Rabbit TrueBlot® Western Blot Kit 50 uL WB 88-8886-31

Goat TrueBlot®: Anti-Goat IgG HRP 50 uL WB 18-8814-31
  200 uL WB 18-8814-33

Goat TrueBlot® Set (with IP beads) 50 uL IP, WB 88-1488-31

Goat TrueBlot® Western Blot Kit 50 uL WB 88-8884-31

Sheep TrueBlot®: Anti-Sheep IgG HRP 50 uL WB 18-8815-31
  200 uL WB 18-8815-33

TrueBlot® Anti-Goat Ig IP Beads 2.5 mL IP 00-8844-25

TrueBlot® Anti-Mouse Ig IP Beads 2.5 mL IP 00-8811-25

TrueBlot® Anti-Rabbit Ig IP Beads 2.5 mL IP 00-8800-25



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