Cardiovascular Primary Antibodies


Cardiovascular Overview


Cardiovascular research is a very important area of focus mainly because cardiovascular disease (CVD) constitutes one of the major causes of cell death worldwide. Cardiovascular diseases include all those pathological conditions that could affect the heart and blood vessels, the principal components of the cardiovascular system. Such pathologies are complex and involve multiple signaling pathways including inflammation, oxidative stress, cardiomyopathy, calcium signaling, cell adhesion and extracellular matrix interactions among many others.

An important aspect of research studies on CVD is the identification and characterization of key molecules that can be used later on as biomarkers for assessment of patients at risk of CVD and/or targets of novel therapeutic approaches.  



Antibodies and Proteins for Cardiovascular Research

Rockland Immunochemicals portfolio includes highly specific monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies for the study of cardio vascular disease (CVD) biomarkers central to major cell signaling pathwayscellular metabolismepigenetics and inflammation. Rockland also provides well characterized specific antibodies against important protein targets crucial for CVD including cardiac troponinfibrinogenC-reactive proteincalponinapolipoproteinstropomyosincaveolin and angiopoietin


Other tools available for cardiovascular research include proteins and peptides corresponding to apelin, apelin analog and angiopoietin peptides as well as troponinmyosin and other recombinant proteins


Immunoassays for Cardiovascular Research  


Additional cardiovascular immunoassay kits offered by Rockland include CellCountEZĀ®, OxPhosTM, RadDoseTM and the Intracellular ThiolEZTM assays, well established technologies developed by LIMR Development, Inc. (LDI), the business subsidiary of Lankenau Institute for Medical Research (LIMR).    


Featured Cardiovascular Tools 


 PPAR Alpha antibody    PPAR Gamma pS273 antibody    ID02 antibody



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