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Rockland, offers an extensive collection of cell biology antibodies, encompassing antibodies for key research areas such as signal transduction, cancer, neuronal research, developmental processes, cell structure, mitosis, DNA modification and others. Our reagents are tested in numerous applications to perform as specified, delivering highest quality tools for innovative research.

Rockland’s cell biology antibodies yield reproducible results and lead to significant advances in the field.



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Rockland offers a comprehensive variety of antibodies and antibody-based tools for the numerous methods needed in Cell Biology. Our products are developed to make a difference in ongoing research. We know through our efforts, future generations will benefit from the discoveries made using Rockland antibody products.


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Quality Production


New methods for immunogen production, animal immunization, and antibody generation, purification and validation have matured such that it is now possible to generate antibodies against a wide range of target proteins, regardless of their biochemical characteristics or natural abundance. Each step of the antibody development process is completed within our in-house, controlled environment, delivering unsurpassed repeatability in antibody construction. Each component used in our manufacturing process is developed within our own facilities, ensuring that each step of the process can be certified and verified multiple times. Our goal is to provide accountability and repeatable test results with each antibody we develop.




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Loading Control Kit

Loading Control Kit  

Images Generated with Rockland's Loading Kit


The Loading Control Antibody Sampler Kit contains antibodies to a variety of housekeeping proteins. Loading controls are essential for the interpretation of western blot data. Loading control antibodies allow the verification of equal protein loading between samples. Ideal loading controls are expressed constitutively and at high levels with low variability between cell lines and experimental conditions. Also, the loading control should be at a different molecular weight than the protein of interest this allows the bands to be visually distinguishable. The Loading Control Antibody Sampler kit contains enough primary and secondary antibodies to perform ten western blots per loading control antibody.