Chemical Synthesis of Small Molecules

Chemical Synthesis of Small Molecules


Rockland can assist you in the chemical synthesis of your target analytes; chemical compounds such as drugs, drug metabolites, mycotoxins, steroids and other bioactive substances (haptens). Commonly these low molecular weight (MW<500) compounds are non-immunogenic; however; Rockland’s proven expertise will guide you in the generation of highly immunogenic hapten-protein conjugates for antibody development purposes. Our chemistry approach can be employed to couple haptens containing reactive functional groups to carrier proteins such as BSA, KLH or OVA. Should your selected analyte not contain any reactive functional group; Rockland’s staff can synthesize an analyte analog containing a reactive group suitable for coupling purposes.








Hapten-protein conjugates for immunization purposes for the development of small molecule-specific antibodies


Chemical modification of small molecule analyte showing installation of functional group (COOH) for preparation of hapten-protein conjugate.