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Control Peptide Overview

Rockland blocking peptides are excellent control reagents for immunoassays.  These peptides correspond exactly to the target of the corresponding primary antibody.   These peptides are used in conjunction with a primary antibodies and specifically bind to the antibody against which they were designed and will block antibody binding in many different immunoassays.  Use of a control peptide is a good way to confirm the specificity of antibody and rule out false positive and non-specific binding events. 


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Anti-NOTCH 1 (Cleaved N terminal)
(Human specific) (RABBIT) Antibody



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The Rockland Control Peptide Advantage 

Rockland manufactures and validates peptides to over 350 protein site.   The peptides are characterized for solubility and specific activity.  Rigorous quality control testing ensures that the final product meets or exceeds Rockland’s standards for robust performance in your assays.  Rockland peptides have been validated for use in assays for post translational modifications such as phosphorylation and epigenetic markers like acetylation and methylation.

Using a control peptide is as simple as pre-mixing the target peptide along with the primary antibody prior to performance of the immunoassay.  See our Peptide Competition Protocol 





Product Name

  Catalog # 



ATM pS1981




AKT Control Peptide 000-000-401 WB, IHC, IP mg
DYKDDDDK (FLAG®) Control Peptide 000-000-383 WB, IHC, IP mg
Histone H3, 21-44 K27Me Control Peptide 000-001-K14 WB, IHC, IP 1 mg
NFKB p65 (Rel A) Control Peptide 100-4165P WB, IHC, IP

50 µg



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Control peptides can be used but are not limited to the following assays:
Western blot
• ChIP (chromatin immunoprecipitation)
• Dot blot

Rockland offers Whole Cell Lysates and extracts suitable for use in control experiments. 
Rockland offers custom peptide synthesis.




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