Custom Monoclonal Antibody Production

Custom Monoclonal Antibody Development


Rockland's monoclonal antibody development services allow generation of high quality and target specific antibodies. As a complete service, Rockland can design, synthesize and conjugate peptides for use as immunogen for your monoclonal development program. Let Rockland’s expertise aid you in both the design and synthesis of antigenic peptides. 

Should you choose to utilize a recombinant protein as primary antigen, our expertise in mammalian, bacterial and insect cell-based recombinant protein expression will ensure production of antigen for immunization and screening regimen. If you choose to utilize a protein or live cell line as a primary antigen, Rockland’s molecular biology and cell culture services can support your needs.


Our list of services includes antigen consultation, peptide or protein antigen production, antibody generation, antibody purification and antibody conjugation to commonly used reporter molecules such as peroxidase or fluorochromes.  When combined these services form the basis to create a custom antibody reagent for your specific immunoassay. Clients may select only antibody generation, or may choose to perform scale up, purification and more.


The phases for custom monoclonal antibody generation are shown below:



Antigen Preparation

Monoclonal Development Process

Antibody Production & Purification

Cell Banking, Scale up, Conjugation




Each monoclonal project is performed in stages, and our clients can decide on when to proceed to each project stage. Rockland’s custom monoclonal antibody service can meet all of our customers’ specific needs. Whatever stage in the research process, we are confident we can support your custom antibody development requirements.

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Custom Antigen Preparation


Rockland can utilize many types of macromolecules as antigens providing the antigens do not constitute a biohazard. The antigen or immunogen may be a protein in the form of recombinant or purified protein, synthetic peptide, modified peptide, or whole cell lysates, or other types of macromolecules such as nucleic acids, lipids or carbohydrate complexes, and other variations. Custom peptide synthesis can be optimized through Peptide Design Consultation. We are experts in generating antibodies specific for post-translational modifications including phospho-epitopes, acetylation, methylation, hydroxylation, ubiquitinylation and more using modified peptides. Recombinant Protein Design and Preparation can be discussed with our molecular biology services team. 


Antigen Design

See Rockland’s Peptide Synthesis FAQ



custom peptide synthesis



Phospho-Epitope Peptide Production


Rockland has an optimized process to generate polyclonal antibody against phosphorylated epitopes and other post translational modifications of proteins. For instance, our phospho antibody generation process uses synthetic peptides. Rockland performs this service for both monoclonal and polyclonal projects.   



phospho peptide


Custom Monoclonal Antibody Development Process


Rockland has decades of experience in producing monoclonal antibodies in various host animals including mouse, rat and Armenian hamsters. We make use of electrofusion technology to produce large numbers of clones which allows us to be successful in producing monoclonal antibodies against the most difficult targets.


  • Immunization: Rockland offers variable immunization schedules and use of special adjuvants on a custom basis and depending on client needs. 
  • Pre-fusion screening:   Rockland’s experience and monitoring of the antibody-mediated immune response translates into recommendations to the client prior to fusion of splenocytes.  Customers can be supplied with a pre-bleed antiserum sample (<0.5 mL) for screening purposes prior to commencing with fusion protocols.
  • DuaLISA hybridoma screening:  Rockland uses proprietary DuaLISA™ screening in peptide-immunogen based fusions.   Rockland’s DuaLISA™ (modified ELISA) methods produce more specific hybridomas faster than classical ELISA approaches.

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Monoclonal Workflow





Primary Immune Response Chart



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Antibody Production and Purification


Rockland offers several options for production of monoclonal antibodies. Our cell culture services offers tissue culture based protocols including flask and roller bottle.  In addition we offer host-based ascites protocols that may use an outbred or an immunodeficient host system. Additionally purification services are available including low endotoxin purification methods.







Rockland can perform purification of antibody from generated antisera.

Cell Banking, Scale up, and Conjugation


Cell Culture and Antibody Production

Rockland has the capability to provide Cell Culture Services to meet our client's needs. We offer a number of different services from basic cell culture, large scale culture and production, and cell storage service as well as monoclonal antibody production. 

RESEARCH CELL BANKING - Research cell banking is an inexpensive short term storage solution. A set number of vials (10 or 25) are produced, tested for viability, stored and monitored in liquid nitrogen for 6 months

MASTER CELL BANKING - A set number of vials from 10 to 200 are produced, tested for viability, stored and monitored in liquid nitrogen for two (2) years


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Rockland offers multiple Antibody Conjugation  formats for monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies

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