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Rockland Immunochemicals custom peptide synthesis service provides synthetic peptides that include a broad range of labels, modifications, scales, purities and delivery time options.  Synthetic peptides are commonly used as the epitope presented to the immune system.   Presentation of the peptide epitope generates a very specific antibody response that targets the unique peptide sequence.   This is very useful when generating highly specific antibodies.  Peptides immunogens can be used for generation of both monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies, are excellent as control reagents for certain immunoassays and for targeting post-transitional modifications.


Ordering specifications with Rockland Custom Peptide Synthesis Service



Peptide Length        5 to greater than 50 amino acids
Manufacturing Scale    0.1 to 100 mg‡
Purity Options    From crude (70%) to >97% pure
Quality Control (QC)   MS for crude peptides;
MS and HPLC for 85% pure other grades of purity
Modifications   Yes, see below
Production Options   Standard delivery – 2 to 3 weeks 


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Peptide synthesis is easy with Rockland.  Clients can design their own peptide, or clients can utilize our peptide consulting service available with antibody generation projects.  Peptide synthesis may include any of the following peptide modifications:



Available Peptide Modifications



Amidation       PEGylation
Acetylation (Ac)   Special Amino Acid
Phosphorylation       Formylation (For)
Biotin   BSA, KLH, OVA Conjugation
Disulfide Bridge   Enatiomers
Tags   Dyes (FITC etc.)
Mono-, di- or trimethylated lysine   Spacers
13C/15N Isotopes    



Custom conjugation of peptides to a carrier protein (i.e. KLH or Ovalbumin) for antibody generation is available using Rockland's custom conjugation service.



Epitope Mapping

Rockland offers nested or overlapping peptide generation as a custom service.  Ask about out epitope mapping service.



The Rockland Custom Peptide Synthesis Advantage

Rockland manufactures and validates peptides for academic and biopharma clients.  The peptides are analyzed for their physical characteristics including the peptide solubility and uniqueness.  Peptides can be ordered in several levels of purity from 80% to over 95% pure.  Rigorous quality control testing including mass spectroscopy sequence validation and TFA removal ensures that the final polypeptide product meets or exceeds Rockland’s standards for robust performance in antibody development or if used in immunoassays.  Rockland has demonstrated success in generation of peptides and antibodies for high specificity, detection of post translational modifications such as phosphorylation and epigenetic markers like acetylation and methylation.


Peptide Synethesis FAQ

Our representatives and scientists can assist you with your peptide synthesis project.  Click below for a custom quote, or call a Rockland sales representative at 800.656.7625.


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Commonly Requested Custom Modifications


Rockland has demonstrated expertise in developing phospho-specific and epigenentic modified peptides along with subsequent antibody production.  High levels of peptide quality allow our Rockland developed antibodies to distinguish between mono, di, and tri modified lysine and arginine motifs.  Let our experts assist you in new custom peptides for antibodies targeting novel epigenetic motifs.

Custom Modifications


See our Peptide Competition Protocol


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