Custom Polyclonal Antibody Production

Custom Polyclonal Antibody Development


Rockland Immunochemicals has offered polyclonal antibody manufacturing services for more than four decades. Our expertise includes using a variety of different hosts for the development of polyclonal antibodies, including the most commonly used New Zealand white rabbits. Goats, sheep, guinea pigs, chickens, rats, mice and donkeys are also often selected.


Rockland’s custom antibody services allow you to direct the generation of your research required antibody. Let Rockland’s expertise aid you in the design and synthesis of your antigenic peptide. Antigen conjugated to KLH represents the starting point of your antibody development program. Should you choose to utilize a recombinant protein as primary antigen, our expertise in bacterial and insect cell-based recombinant protein expression will ensure production of antigen for immunization and screening regimen.


Our list of services includes consultation, peptide or protein antigen production, antibody generation, purification and conjugation of reporter molecules. When combined these services form the basis to create a custom antibody reagent capable of performing in the desired immunoassay. Clients may select only antisera generation, or may choose to perform purification and more.


The steps for custom antibody generation workflow are shown below:


Antigen Preparation Button Antibody Development Button Antibody Purification Button Antibody Conjugation Button


Each step is optional, as we offer a truly custom antibody service and strive to meet all of our customers’ specific needs.   We are confident we can support your custom antibody development requirements throughout all stages of polyclonal antibody manufacturing.

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Custom Antigen Preparation


Rockland accepts most types of antigens. The antigen or immunogen may come in the form of recombinant or purified protein, synthetic peptide, modified peptide, whole cell lysate, and other variations.  Custom peptide synthesis can be optimized through consultation.


Antigen Design

See Rockland’s Peptide Synthesis FAQ



Primary Immune Response Chart




Custom Polyclonal Antibody Development Protocols


Customers are typically supplied with a pre-bleed serum (5 mL) for screening purposes prior to commencing with custom-based projects. Rockland’s experience and monitoring of the antibody-mediated immune response translates into recommendations discussed with the client prior to the collection of production bleeds.


Rockland offers variable immunization schedules and use of different adjuvants on a custom basis and dependent on your need, can extend the collection of production bleeds on a monthly basis post the standard applied schedules show below.

For Rabbit and Goat antibody generation, either pre-defined packages or fully customized projects can be performed.  Custom and alternative-host projects are by price quotation, please inquire with one of our experts. Contact Here.  

  • Rapid Screen for Peptides - Custom Polyclonal Antibody Production Complete Service (1 month, 100 mL yield from best responder)
  • Fast Protocol (Approximately 2 Months, 100 mL yield from best responder)
  • Standard Protocol (Open Timeline, 75 mL yield per month per best responder)

Dependent on the selected protocol, terminal or production bleeds are collected according to the timelines. Upon conclusion of the applied protocol, you – the researcher – are presented with the option of terminating the project for the collection of a terminal bleed (this only applies to rabbits) or by extending your study for the collection of additional bleeds on a monthly basis.


Collected sera can be pooled and purified using either Protein A or G protein and result in client-specified product vialing and shipment. Alternatively, Rockland’s expertise in antibody conjugation offers the labeling of your antibody with a chromogenic or fluorescent reporter of your choice.


Rockland has extensive experience in generating a wide range of custom polyclonal antibodies and our staff is always ready to assist you with experimental design, laboratory methods, production, conjugation and purification. If you have any questions about Custom Polyclonal Antibodies, please email our Custom Services Group or call them at 1-800-656-ROCK.



Phospho-Antibody Production


Rockland has an optimized process to generate polyclonal antibody against phosphorylated epitopes. Our phospho antibody generation process uses synthetic peptides and is typically is performed in rabbits; however other hosts can be requested. 

Phospho Peptide Diagram




Custom Antibody Purification


Rockland can perform purification of antibody from generated antisera.


Related Custom Polyclonal Antibody Services

  • Pre-screening for Custom Polyclonal Antibody Production - Charges for maintenance and pre-bleeds will apply for all rabbits screened. Charges for host animal will apply only to rabbits selected. - CUST37
  • Rapid Screen of Peptides - This service is designed for the rapid screening of peptides usually delivered in about one (1) month! This is the fastest way to get custom polyclonal antibody for your immunoassay. This service includes analysis of the peptide's primary structure, peptide synthesis (up to 15 amino acids), conjugated to KLH carrier protein, pre-bleeding of two (2) rabbits, immunization, booster injections, terminal bleeding of rabbits and titer analysis of the antiserum collected by indirect ELISA. We will provide you with approximately 100 ml of antiserum, the pre-immune serum and any remaining unconjugated peptide. - CUST61
  • ELISA (charge is per antibody/antigen) - CUST14
  • Western Blotting (charge is per antibody/antigen) - CUST15
  • Custom Vialing of Pre-Bleed, Test Bleed, Production Bleed or Terminal Bleed. Charge is per vial. - X900



Anti-Host Cell Protein (HCP) Antibody Production


Rockland can perform generation of anti-host cell protein reagents for bioprocessing support.  This is a custom service; please inquire with one of our experts. 


Anti-Sense Oligonucleotide (ASO) Antibodies

Anti-sense oligonucleotide antibodies and antibodies to other types of nucleic acids demonstrate Rockland Immunochemicals Inc.’s expertise in generating highly specific antibodies to nucleic acids, including DNA, RNA, hybrids, native molecules, synthetic derivatives, nucleotides and nucleosides. Anti-Sense Oligonucleotides (ASO) are also known as antisense drugs. Antibodies to ASO are capable of detecting specific nucleic acid sequences or subtle changes or modifications to the sugar phosphate backbone of nucleic acids. Customized antibodies are useful to study several properties of ASO, including pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics and tissue specificity, and depending on the intended use, may be optimized for standard applications including ELISA and immunohistochemistry (IHC).



For a list of common questions such as antigen requirement see our Custom Services FAQs


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