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Rockland Immunochemicals offers purification services for recombinant expressed proteins and developed antibodies to ensure accurate findings. Rockland effectively developed and affinity purified a rabbit polyclonal anti-RSL1 antibody that targets the C-terminal end of the KRAB-B domain. The antibody was used to in Western blot and ChIP assays to show “a surprisingly dynamic interplay between a hormonal activator, STAT5b, and a KRAB-ZFP."

Molecular and Cellular Biology
The KRAB Zinc Finger Protein RSL1 Regulates Sex- and Tissue-Specific Promoter Methylation and Dynamic Hormone-Responsive Chromatin Configuration

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Polyclonal Antibody Development
Polyclonal Antibody Development
Our custom polyclonal antibody services allow for the production of antibodies from a wide variety of host species.
Custom Molecular Biology Production
Molecular biology products and services represent an invaluable tool for the discovery and characterization of gene function in every area of life sciences.
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Assay Development
Let Rockland's expertise in assay development guide you through the complexity of designing and developing an immunoassay.
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