Emory University and Rockland Immunochemicals Collaborate on Antibody-based Reagents for Cancer Research
Emory University collaborates with Rockland Immunochemicals to develop novel antibodies and antibody based tools for cancer, cell signaling and chromatin research.

Rockland and Emory University researchers have jointly developed new antibody-based reagents capable of identifying targets for use on platform technologies currently used in research and clinical laboratories. The discovery and understanding of cancer-specific aberrations at the molecular and cellular level are vital to overcoming the remaining barriers to diagnosing, treating, and preventing disease. Because early detection is critical to successful treatment, the identification and validation of antibodies to relevant biomarkers is paramount.

Emory University researchers have leveraged Rockland’s expertise for many years to develop antibody reagents for basic science projects and to understand how the immune system functions. To learn more about the collaboration, visit www.rockland-inc.com/emory-collaboration.aspx.

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