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Western Blotting
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Let Rockland's expertise in assay development guide you through the complexity of designing and developing an immunoassay. Rockland's scientific expertise offers highly customized solutions to meet your basic, applied and clinical research demands in the development of unique assays. Western Blots and Multiplex Western Blots are among the many assays that Rockland specializes in for custom services.
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Western Blotting
Western Blotting
Western Blot or immunoblot is a workhorse immunoassay for most labs, used to demonstrate the presence or absence of important proteins, detect post-translational modifications, diagnosis of disease and more.
In-Cell Western
In-Cell Western
In-cell western assays also known as cell based assays allow researchers a simple and rapid assay method for the quantification biomarkers and signaling proteins in whole cells using antibodies.
Custom Assay Development
Custom Assay Development
Rockland will collaborate with you to develop user-defined specifications, which become the basis for designing the immunoassay that meets or exceeds your overall research-related design goals.
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