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Epi-Plus Antibodies Overview

Rockland’s Epi-Plus™ line of highly specific antibodies recognize modified histones and related cellular targets and are validated by multiple assays.  Epi-Plus™ antibodies are extremely sensitive and specific to the modification and show no cross-reactivity to other modifications on the same site or other amino acids of the protein. Epi-Plus™ antibodies are validated for immunofluorescence microscopy (IF), immunoprecipitation (IP), chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP), immunohistochemistry (IHC) and Western blot (WB) analysis.





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Post translational modifications (PTM) like methylation, acetylation and phosphorylation of histones are key components in the regulation of gene expression regulation, DNA repair, chromosome condensation and spermatogenesis.  Many proteins have been identified to form complexes that function to regulate of the modification of histones. This multicomponent cellular machinery is referred to as “readers, writers and erasers”. Variations in the function of these histone-modifying complexes are believed to disrupt the configuration and levels of histone marks and thus deregulate the control of chromatin-based processes, eventually leading to oncogenic transformation and the development of cancer. Consistent with this notion, aberrant patterns of histone PTM’s have been linked with a large number of human malignancies. A list of known Histone PTM’s is shown in figure 1. Rockland offers antibodies against most of those modifications and modification pairs.



Histone Posttranslational Modification chart

Figure 1: Histone Post translational Modification chart




Recommended Epi-Plus™ Antibodies:

For Histone 3 K4 methylations use
• Anti-Histone H3 [Monomethyl Lys4] (RABBIT) Antibody - 600-401-I57
• Anti-Histone H3 [Dimethyl Lys4] (RABBIT) Antibody - 600-401-I58
• Anti-Histone H3 [Trimethyl Lys4] (RABBIT) Antibody - 600-401-I59


The Rockland Advantage: Epi-Plus™ Antibodies

Rockland carries panels of Chromatin & Nuclear Signaling antibodies that are the highest quality reagents available for epigenetics research. Rockland produces antibodies against Histone PTMs under rigorous quality control testing. The Epi-Plus antibodies are multi-assay validated, including testing by dot blots using modified peptide arrays, western blots, and chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP). This ensures that the finished product meets or exceeds our high standards for optimum performance in your assays.


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