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Epitope Tag Overview

In order to improve expression levels, solubility, folding, purification and detection of recombinant proteins, a very common strategy is the fusion of peptides or proteins also known as “tags”, to the target protein. Because these tags are entities with known sequences and well characterized physicochemical properties, they are an essential tool in molecular biology that facilitates expression and purification of recombinant proteins. Because fusion tags constitute themselves antigenic epitopes for which antibodies can be developed they particularly useful for specific detection of the target protein. The most common peptide epitope tags include 6X His (also known as His-tag or hexahistidine tag), FLAGHAMYC and V5. Popular protein epitope tags are GFP (green fluorescent protein), GST (glutathione-S-transferase), b-GAL (β-galactosidase), Luciferase, MBP (Maltose Binding Protein), RFP (Red Fluorescence Protein) and VSV-G (Vesicular Stomatitis Virus Glycoprotein).


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Suggested Products for Common Assays

For ELISA (E), Western Blotting (WB) or Immunohistochemistry (IHC) of recombinant proteins expressed in bacteria, Rockland recommends antibodies for detection of 6X His, GST, MBP, V5 and HA. For proteins expressed in insect or mammalian cells GFP, FLAG, RFP, MYC, VSV-G and Luciferase epitopes are more commonly used. These antibodies exhibit enhanced sensitivity and high specificity and can be found un-conjugated or conjugated to a variety of chemiluminescent and fluorescent labels. When more than one tag epitope is being evaluated, we highly recommend our convenient Epitope Tag Antibody Sampler Kit.

For identification of recombinant clones or cell lines, the expression of reporter genes can be also confirmed by specific detection of b-GAL, CAT (Chloramphenicol-Acetyl Transferase) and Luciferase.

Other applications include immunoprecipitation of protein complexes containing recombinant proteins tagged with the 6X His, GST, FLAG or GFP epitopes and specific detection of the BAP/BLT (Biotin ligase) tag epitope irrespective of the biotinylation state of the molecule.



Complete Kits for Immunoprecipitation and Western Blotting


The TrueBlot Immunoprecipitation and Western Blot Kit for Epitope Tags contain the critical supporting reagents, buffers, and substrates for IP and WB of the appropriate tagged proteins. Using TrueBlot will allow easy enrichment and clear monitoring of proteins.



Flag TrueBlot


88-8887-382 6X His TrueBlot Kit


88-8887-215 GFP TrueBlot Kit


TrueBlot IP and Western Blot Kit for DYKDDDDK (FLAG) Epitope Tag



TrueBlot IP and Western Blot Kit for 6X HIS Epitope Tag



TrueBlot IP and Western Blot Kit for GFP Epitope Tag



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The Rockland Epitope Tag Advantage

Rockland has developed a large number of antibodies for detection of tag epitopes that are compatible with most popular immunoassays while allowing for flexibility of method development since has available an ample number of conjugation alternatives. These antibodies have been carefully selected for high specificity and sensitivity and tested for the detection of recombinant proteins expressed in prokaryotic and eukaryotic systems.



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TrueBlot IP/Western Blot Mouse Rabbit Goat


Rockland’s TrueBlot® product line enables researchers to generate publication-quality IP western blot data. Simply substitute your conventional HRP blotting reagent with Goat TrueBlot®, Mouse TrueBlot®, Rabbit TrueBlot® or Sheep TrueBlot®.



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