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Rockland offers highly purified gamma globulin fractions from human, mouse, rabbit and bovine suitable as an isotype control in different techniques including ELISA, Western Blot and Immuhistochemistry (IHC). Gamma globulins are a sub-group of proteins present in plasma, characterized by their rate of movement in an electric field and thus identified by electrophoresis. In humans and many other mammals, the gamma globulin fraction is mostly composed of immunoglobulins containing different classes of antibodies.



The Rockland Advantage: Gamma Globulins



At Rockland, scientists have applied knowledge and expertise for the development of a refined and detailed gamma globulin purification process from fourteen different species that guarantees their suitability for research applications. Gamma globulins offered by Rockland could be also used as quantitation standards of immunoglobulin protein assays, antibody recovery control for column procedures and as loading control for SDS-PAGE. Find the right gamma globulin species for your experiments here, compromise elsewhere.




Gamma Globulin Fractions



Name Catalog # Applications Size


Bovine Gamma Globulin Fraction


D600-0100 ELISA, WB, IHC 100 mg


Chicken Gamma Globulin Fraction


D602-0100     100 mg


Mouse Gamma Globulin Fraction


D609-0100   100 mg


Mouse Gamma Globulin Fraction (BULK)


D609-0200 ELISA. WB, IHC 200 mg


Goat Gamma Globulin Fraction    


D604-1000   1 gram


Sheep Gamma Globulin Fraction


D612-0100   100 mg




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