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Rockland, in its extensive repertoire of neuroscience antibodies, offers antibodies specfic to research involving the underlying causes in the onset and progression of neurodegenerative Alzheimer's disease. Included in Rockland's panel of polyclonal antibodies are probes specific to Beta-amyloid isomers 40 and Aß42, as well as an array of full-length and truncated isomer-specific peptides displaying characterized mutations. Our selected antibody and peptide probe assortment provides tools for innovative research into the underlying causes of this debilitating disease.


Neurological research relies heavily on antibodies that can help identify and elucidate reactions on the cellular, molecular and biochemical level, which may lead to a better understanding of a variety of neuroscience processes and neuronal diseases. Antibody-based approaches for isolation, characterization and localization of target proteins are among the most critical and widely used techniques in molecular and cellular neuroscience, leading to rapid development in our knowledge of protein abundance, distribution, structure, and function. Rockland’s neuroscience antibodies yield reproducible results and lead to significant advances in the field.



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Neuroscience is a complex field of study focused on central and peripheral components of the nervous system. Neuroscience antibodies encompass a wide array of antibodies that cover targets in many of the molecular and cellular neuroscience processes. These antibodies are used for isolating, characterizing, and localizing target proteins.


Rockland provides antibodies and antibody-based enzyme immunoassay kits for the detection of neural signaling molecules. We also have numerous antibody multiplexing tools to study neurodegenerative diseases. Our products are developed to make a difference in ongoing research. We know through our efforts, future generations will benefit from the discoveries made using Rockland neuroscience antibody products.




Quality Production


New methods for immunogen production, animal immunization, and antibody generation, purification and validation have matured such that it is now possible to generate antibodies against a wide range of target proteins, regardless of their biochemical characteristics or natural abundance. Each step of the antibody development process is completed within our in-house, controlled environment, delivering unsurpassed repeatability in antibody construction. Each component used in our manufacturing process is developed within our own facilities, ensuring that each step of the process can be certified and verified multiple times. Our goal is to provide accountability and repeatable test results with each antibody we develop.




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