Phycoerythrin Conjugates

Rockland's F(ab')2 Fragments of Affinity Purified Adsorbed Antibodies are available conjugated to R-Phycoerythrin (RPE). Prior to conjugation all antibodies are thoroughly tested to ensure specificity. RPE-conjugates are most suitable for flow cytometry, but may also be used for other applications including immunofluorescent co-localization.



Code# Product Description Host Size
705-708-125 F(ab')2 Anti-Goat IgG (H&L) Donkey 1 ml
709-708-123 F(ab')2 Anti-Human IgG (H&L)  Donkey 1 ml
709-708-031 F(ab')2 Anti-Human IgM Fc5u   Donkey 1 ml
709-1816 F(ab')2 Anti-Human IgG (H&L) Goat 1 ml
709-1817 F(ab')2 Anti-Human IgG F(c) Goat 1 ml
709-1818 F(ab')2 Anti-Human IgG F(ab')2 Goat 1 ml
710-708-124 F(ab')2 Anti-Mouse IgG (H&L) Donkey 1 ml
710-4820 F(ab')2 Anti-Mouse IgG (H&L)  Rabbit 1 ml
710-1832 F(ab')2 Anti-Mouse IgG (H&L) Goat 1 ml
710-1822 F(ab')2 Anti-Mouse IgG F(c) Goat 1 ml
710-1831 F(ab')2 Anti-Mouse IgG F(ab')2   Goat 1 ml
710-1807 F(ab')2 Anti-Mouse IgM (mu chain) Goat 1 ml
711-708-127 F(ab')2 Anti-Rabbit IgG (H&L) Donkey 1 ml
712-708-149 F(ab')2 Anti-Rat IgG (H&L)  Donkey 1 ml
712-1833 F(ab')2 Anti-Rat IgG (H&L)  Goat 1 ml
712-1822 F(ab')2 Anti-Rat IgG F(c) Goat 1 ml
712-1831 F(ab')2 Anti-Rat IgG F(ab')2   Goat 1 ml
712-1807 F(ab')2 Anti-Rat IgM U   Goat 1 ml
713-708-168 F(ab')2 Anti-Sheep IgG (H&L) Donkey 1 ml





 Other Phycoerythrin Products



Code# Product Description Host Size Price
1 ml $150
100-4199 Anti-B-PHYCOERYTHRIN (antiserum) Rabbit 2 ml $40
200-4199 Anti-B-PHYCOERYTHRIN (Purified IgG Fraction) Rabbit 50mg $95