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Rockland offers a variety of purification services for the purification of native and recombinant proteins, as well as for antibodies (including fragments and modified proteins).


Native and recombinant protein purification can be carried out on materials that you supply or are generated by Rockland through our contract services. These proteins can also be further modified by chemical or enzymatic treatments (crosslinking, digestions, etc) and further purified if warranted.  


Highly purified proteins may be critical to your work, and this is particularly true for the  generation of antibodies. Antibody preparations will often contain a number of substances from the production process that can adversely affect the quality of your research results. The best way to ensure accurate findings is to purify your antigens and antibodies prior to use. The following are examples of Rockland’s purification services.


Antibody and Protein Purification 


Polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies are commonly purified by Protein A, Protein G or Protein A/G affinity chromatography under optimal conditions based on isotype specificity. To further improve the quality of your antibody preparations, Rockland can also generate custom resins for the immobilization of target-specific antigens (i.e., chemical moieties, peptides or recombinant proteins) for the affinity purification of generated antiserum and for serum depletion. Sample gels of purified antibodies are provided below. To learn more about our purification services or to obtain a quote, contact us today

SDS-PAGE GOAT IgG Antibody Purification

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Protein A, G, and A/G Purification


Mammalian antibodies are commonly purified using Protein A, Protein G, or Protein A/G affinity chromatography. The optimal conditions for purification depend on the antibody isotype. Other antibody binding moieties (e.g., Protein L, which binds to the antibody kappa chain) may also be used.  


For example, protein A/G binds to all subclasses of human IgG, making it useful for purifying polyclonal or monoclonal IgG antibodies whose subclasses have not been determined. Additional subclasses to which it binds, include: IgA, IgE, IgM and IgD. Protein A/G also binds to all subclasses of mouse IgG but does not bind mouse IgA, IgM or serum albumin. The appropriate antibody-binding protein thus requires consideration of the antibody species of interest

   Mouse Monoclonal AKT3

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Affinity purification of Antibodies


Rockland also offers the generation of custom resins for the immobilization of target-specific compounds, peptides or recombinant proteins for the affinity purification of antibodies from antiserum or other fluids (e.g., plasma, serum, other fluid or tissue extracts, and tissue culture or microbial supernatants and extracts). Such custom resins can also be used for antibody depletion from these preparations.  Contact us to discuss your specific challenges and needs, and exploration of a path forward to successfully carry out your research projects.

   affinity purification of a methyl specific antibody

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Recombinant Protein Purification




Recombinant Fusion proteins or epitope tagged proteins can be purified by affinity chromatography using charged or immobilized resins. In addition, purificaiton services by Ion Exchange or Size Exclusion HPLC is also offered by Rockland to ensure delivery of recombinant proteins of exceptional purity.




All purified proteins are analyzed by SDS-PAGE analysis to determine purity and  integrity, and corresponding data are provided to the customer. Other analysis methods like mass spectrometry are also available.
   recombinant protein purification 1


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