Revitablot Stripping Buffer



Revitablot™ Western Blot Stripping Buffer(500mL) is a uniquely formulated, ready-to-use reagent specifically designed for western blotting. Revitablot™ is faster and more efficient at stripping primary and secondary antibodies, allowing blots to be stripped multiple times for the repeated use of membranes. This solution can be used at room temperature and only requires 5-20 minutes of incubation time to strip the membrane. Revitablot™ Western Blot Stripping Buffer(50mL) is gentle and effective on both nitrocellulose and PVDF western blot membranes.




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Continued Research

Rockland continues to innovate and drive thought leadership in antibody science, as well as the technology that surrounds the industry. Revitablot™ Western Blot Stripping Buffer is one of the innovations that assists researchers in creating economical, accurate solutions in a variety of disciplines. Rockland focuses on science that changes lives. Choose Rockland. Compromise elsewhere.


Common applications for Revitablot™ include:



Western Blotting Kit including FemtoMax™

Recommended for use with Rabbit Primary Antibodies

Secondary Antibody Western Blotting Kit

Chemiluminescent Western Blot Kit allows for the detection of any Rabbit primary antibody provided by the user. After protein separation and transfer, the membrane is probed with primary antibody protein. Detection of the membrane bound primary antibody-antigen complex is achieved by the addition of a secondary antibody conjugated to horseradish peroxidase. The enzyme reacts with a specialized formulation of luminol, an extremely sensitive, non-radioactive substrate that emits light and allows visualization using X-ray film or other imaging methods, including highly sensitive CCD cameras and imaging systems. Because of the extremely high sensitivity of our FemtoMax™ Chemiluminescent Substrate Kit for Western Blot detection, primary and secondary antibodies can be used at greater dilutions. If you currently dilute your primary antibody 1:1,000 using an ECL substrate equivalent, then dilute your antibody 1:5,000 using the FemtoMax™ substrate.
The Chemiluminescent Western Blot Kit design includes straightforward procedures and color-coding to allow for ease of use. This Western Blot kit contains sufficient substrate for up to 30 mini blots at 7.5 x 8 cm2 and is stable for at least 1 year when stored as indicated.

Secondary Antibody Western Blotting Kit