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Rockland distinguished itself as a multi-faceted company delivering products, services and solutions to the research, diagnostic and therapeutic sectors of the life science community. Our knowledge base in antibody technology is central to provide this expertise. Catalog reagents, including antibodies and related tools, are typically used in a research setting by investigators at academic, government, private, biotechnology and pharmaceutical laboratories.

However, as a Contract Research Organization (CRO), Rockland provides a variety of services under strict QSR / cGMP quality standards (CFR:21H part 820) compliance with full reporting and traceability. As a Contract Manufacturing Organization (CMO), Rockland provides reagents, assays, kits and controls according to criteria defined in a Manufacturer Supply Agreement (MSA) to aid in supply chain management for goal fulfillment. Rockland serves as a qualified Raw Material Supplier (RMS) by providing Catalog and Bulk Products as qualified raw materials to the diagnostic industry and, depending on the filing status of the client, these critical reagents are used as components of CLIA waived or FDA approved diagnostic kits.  
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Rockland offers a comprehensive portfolio of highly customized services to support pre-clinical, biomarker discovery, biomarker validation, pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic clinical studies and commercialization stages of drug development. A partial listing of services include: antibody and protein generation, purification and modification, molecular biology, cell culture and IHC, assay development and analytical services.
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  Manufacturing services are varied depending on the needs of clients, and can include the production of antibody based reagents, fully optimized assay kits, or the global supply of a suite of materials produced and labeled according to a client’s needs. Rockland can manage raw material, finished product, compliance documentation and global distribution according to defined parameters established in a quality or supply agreement.
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   As a supplier to biotechnology and biopharmaceutical sectors, Rockland can provide any catalog reagent according to the exact specifications of the client from research to bulk scale. By example, antibodies can be manufactured at gram scale, buffers and solutions up to 10,000L batches, and purified proteins in kilograms. Many materials can be provided as liquids or lyophilized according to your needs.
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Featured CRO, CMO, RMS Solutions

Rockland is a recognized leader in the generation and validation of reagents to assure that biopharmaceutical products are free of process-related impurities called Host Cell Protein (HCP) contam-inants. During the purification process of biological drugs from expression hosts, HCPs could contaminate preparations and cause serious adverse effects in humans.

Antibodies to HCPs are used to assure freedom from contaminants at various test points in HCP assays throughout the production and testing of biological drugs. Rockland offers many options for generic and process specific HCP detection reagents.
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 Host Cell Protein (HCP) Antibody Generation