The Rockland Advantage - Manufacturing

The Rockland Advantage - Manufacturing


At Rockland, we know that our customers demand antibodies and antibody based tools that are accurate and of the utmost quality. We produce antibodies in our USA facilities following processes that control for manufacturing variables to deliver unsurpassed repeatability in antibody production and minimal lot-to-lot variation.

Controlling the Manufacturing Process.

An antibody is only as good as the antiserum from which it is purified. That’s why at Rockland we immunize our own herds and colonies of host animals in our USA facilities and carefully monitor the immune response of every animal on a weekly basis. This results in the highest quality starting material and distinguishes Rockland from other companies that simply purchase finished product or raw materials from outside sources. Often when raw material is purchased or “brokered” the most important factor is price, not quality. Not so at Rockland. Our raw material is processed by our laboratories and tested at various stages of production by assays commonly used by research scientists such as ELISA, western blotting and immunohistochemistry.

Test it. Re-test it. And then Test it again.

An antibody is only as good as the process that develops it, which is why Rockland focuses significant time and resources on constructing world class antibody manufacturing processes. Each step of the antibody development process is completed by our staff scientists under controlled conditions to deliver unsurpassed repeatability in antibody production and minimal lot-to-lot variation. The antibody process calls for raw material to be tested and released for use for production by our quality control group. During the purification process the antibody is tested at various key steps and is again tested by validation assays prior to the final approval and release of newly manufactured lots of antibody.

By ensuring that each step of the process can be certified and validated multiple times we can achieve our goal to provide accountability and repeatable test results with each antibody we develop.


Validated products. Consistent results. World class antibodies.

Rockland produces a full line of products for individualized research areas, including cancer, cell biology, immunology, developmental biology, epigenomics, neuroscience, stem cell research and many other areas. Our product types include:

Primary Antibodies
Secondary Antibodies
Avidin, Biotin, Streptavidin
Blood Products
Cell Lysates
GFP and Epitopes
Molecular Biology Reagents
Proteins and Peptides
Cell Culture reagents
Supporting Reagents


Rockland develops a number of kits to assist researchers in a variety of scientific fields, making it easy to buy all the materials you need with a single transaction. Western Blots, apoptosis assays, buffers, and various other products are available in their individual components or in analysis kits that include all of the needed materials to perform specific types of experimentation. All kit components are developed and held to the same manufacturing standards as our other products, increasing your return on investment.

Customization of Products

Rockland manufactures a full line of custom products, based on individualized research need. Custom development of research products maintains the strict quality standards that we have set for all of our products, ensuring that each antibody researchers receive is developed for accuracy and repeatability.
Protect your experiments with Rockland antibodies. Compromise elsewhere. 



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