The Rockland Advantage - Service

The Rockland Advantage - Service


At Rockland, the same world class antibody manufacturing processes we use to develop our antibodies and antibody based tools are available to you as customized services. Each step of our antibody development services are completed by our staff scientists under controlled conditions to deliver unsurpassed repeatability in antibody production and minimal lot-to-lot variation.

Our Laboratory is Your Laboratory.

Our staff scientists deploy our proven methods to produce validated antiserum in our USA facilities. Your research can benefit from our experience in antibody production, antibody purification and antibody conjugation; the core expertise mastered by our staff. For over 55 years, Rockland Immunochemicals Inc. has supported global research efforts with the development of custom polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies. Rockland adheres to QSR / cGMP quality standards (CFR:21H part 820) with full reporting and traceability. A wide array of quality control testing procedures are offered to provide you with customized validation services.



Customized services. Customized solutions. World class antibodies.

Rockland offers a diversified line of custom services that center on our core expertise. These services are invaluable to basic research and relevant stages of diagnostic and therapeutic applications. Investigators at academic, private, pharmaceutical, biotech and governments laboratories can benefit from this offering. Our services include:

Customized polyclonal antibody production     Customized monoclonal antibody production
F(ab’)2 and Fab antibody production   Companion diagnostic or “theranostic” development
Target validation   Epitope mapping
 Customized preparation of solutions and buffers    Customized filling and packaging of antibodies and antibody based tools
HCP and ECP antibody development   Tissue Culture services


Please see our full listing of custom services on our custom services page.


Custom Service

To learn more about our manufacturing processes or to obtain a quote about a specific development project, contact us today. We’re here to help. After all, our laboratory is your laboratory.



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