Trial Size Antibodies

Rockland has hundreds of multi-assay validated $95 trial size/sample size antibodies available. Trial size antibodies are 25 mL antibodies that provide researchers with an economical means to validate antibodies while investigating their area of research. Our highly specific antibodies are critical in finding the right antibody for your experiment. By using our trial size antibodies, you can try before you buy and get an antibody that works for you.



$95 BrdU Trial Size Antibodies $95 NOTCH 2 Trial Size Antibodies $95 Beta Amyloid Trial Size Antibodies
Anti-BrdU (Rabbit)
Anti-NOTCH 2 (Rabbit)
Anti-Beta Amyloid (Rabbit)



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100-401-161S Anti-cdk2 (RABBIT) Antibody - 100-401-161S  
100-401-225S Anti-Dab1 (400-555) (RABBIT) Antibody - 100-401-225S  
100-401-401S Anti-AKT (RABBIT) Antibody - 100-401-401S  
100-401-402S Anti-Angiopoietin 2 (RABBIT) Antibody - 100-401-402S  
100-401-403S Anti-Angiopoietin 1 (RABBIT) Antibody - 100-401-403S  
100-401-404S Anti-Osteopontin (RABBIT) Antibody - 100-401-404S  
100-401-407S Anti-NOTCH 1 (Cleaved N terminal) (Human specific) (RABBIT) Antibody - 100-401-407S  
100-401-408S Anti-NOTCH 2 (Cleaved N terminal) (Human specific) (RABBIT) Antibody - 100-401-408S  
100-401-894S Anti-tetanus toxic fragment C (Rabbit) Antibody - 100-401-894S  
100-401-B14S Anti-Human Liver Carboxylesterase-1 (RABBIT) Antibody - 100-401-B14S  
100-401-B63S Anti-Mouse Scythe/BAT3 (RABBIT) Antibody - 100-401-B63S  
100-4164S Anti-NFKB p50 (NFKB1) (RABBIT) Antibody - 100-4164S  
100-4165S Anti-NFKB p65 (Rel A) (RABBIT) Antibody - 100-4165S  
109-401-310S Anti-Human IL-6 (RABBIT) Antibody - 109-401-310S  
109-401-312S Anti-IL-10 (RABBIT) Antibody - 109-401-312S  
109-401-C38S Anti-NEDD1 (RABBIT) Antibody - 109-401-C38S  
109-401-C39S Anti-HICE1 (Rabbit) Antibody - 109-401-C39S  
200-101-037S Anti-GLUCOSE OXIDASE (GOAT) Antibody - 200-101-037S  
200-201-A26S Anti-Homeobox Protein SIX3 (GUINEA PIG) Antibody - 200-201-A26S  
200-301-065s Anti-NFKB p65 (Rel A) (MOUSE) Monoclonal Antibody - 200-301-065s  
200-301-268S Anti-AKT pS473 (MOUSE) Monoclonal Antibody - 200-301-268S  
200-301-269S Anti-AKT pT308 (MOUSE) Monoclonal Antibody - 200-301-269S  
200-301-400S Anti-ATM Protein Kinase pS1981 (MOUSE) Monoclonal Antibody - 200-301-400S  
200-301-401S Anti-AKT (MOUSE) Monoclonal Antibody - 200-301-401S
200-301-964S Anti-Pdcd4 pS457 (MOUSE) Monoclonal Antibody - 200-301-964S
200-301-A37S Anti-Wnt1 (MOUSE) Monoclonal Antibody - 200-301-A37S
200-301-A45S Anti-STAT5 pY694 (MOUSE) Monoclonal Antibody - 200-301-A45S
200-301-A87S Anti-Mesothelin (MOUSE) Monoclonal Antibody - 200-301-A87S
200-301-A88S Anti-Mesothelin (MOUSE) Monoclonal Antibody - 200-301-A88S  
200-301-B07S Anti-NAG-1 (C-terminal specific) (MOUSE) Monoclonal Antibody - 200-301-B07S  
200-301-B08S Anti-NAG-1 (H variant specific) (MOUSE) Monoclonal Antibody - 200-301-B08S
200-301-B10S Anti-NAG-1 (N-terminal specific) (MOUSE) Monoclonal Antibody - 200-301-B10S  
200-301-B45S Anti-LGR4 (MOUSE) Monoclonal Antibody - 200-301-B45S
200-301-B59S Anti-TRPC6 (MOUSE) Monoclonal Antibody - 200-301-B59S
200-301-B65S Anti-STAT2 (MOUSE) Monoclonal Antibody - 200-301-B65S  
200-301-E57S Anti-IDO1 (MOUSE) Monoclonal Antibody - 200-301-E57S
200-301-E60S Anti-BIN1 (MOUSE) Monoclonal Antibody - 200-301-E60S  
200-301-E61S Anti-BIN1 (MOUSE) Monoclonal Antibody - 200-301-E61S  
200-301-E63S Anti-BIN1 (MOUSE) Monoclonal Antibody - 200-301-E63S
200-301-E64S Anti-BIN3 (MOUSE) Monoclonal Antibody - 200-301-E64S  
200-301-E65S Anti-TIMP4 (MOUSE) Monoclonal Antibody - 200-301-E65S  
200-301-E66S Anti-KLH (MOUSE) Monoclonal Antibody - 200-301-E66S
200-301-E69S Anti-beta Actin (MOUSE) Monoclonal Antibody - 200-301-E69S  
200-401-033S Anti-OVALBUMIN (Hen Egg White) (RABBIT) Antibody - 200-401-033S  
200-401-045S Anti-ALPHA AMYLASE (Bacillus amyloliquefaciens) (RABBIT) Antibody - 200-401-045S
200-401-051S Anti-CATALASE (Bovine Liver) (RABBIT) Antibody - 200-401-051S  
200-401-072S Anti-LYSOZYME (Hen Egg White) (RABBIT) Antibody - 200-401-072S
200-401-079S Anti-TRYPSIN INHIBITOR (RABBIT) Antibody - 200-401-079S
200-401-141S Anti-BETA-2-MICROGLOBULIN (Human Urine) (RABBIT) Antibody - 200-401-141S
200-401-428S Anti-SUMO (Yeast) (RABBIT) Antibody - 200-401-428S  
200-401-431S Anti-UBIQUITIN (RABBIT) Antibody - 200-401-431S  
200-401-698S Anti-Jagged-1 (RABBIT) Antibody - 200-401-698S
200-401-A58S Anti-FKBP8 (RABBIT) Antibody - 200-401-A58S
200-401-B44S Anti-Glypican-1 (RABBIT) Antibody] - 200-401-B44S  
200-401-B48S Anti-CENP-Q (RABBIT) Antibody - 200-401-B48S
200-401-B53S Anti-Bovine IL-21 (RABBIT) Antibody - 200-401-B53S  
200-401-B55S Anti-Swine IL-13 (RABBIT) Antibody - 200-401-B55S  
200-401-B60S Anti-Bovine CCL2 (RABBIT) Antibody - 200-401-B60S
200-401-B61S Anti-Swine CCL3L1 (RABBIT) Antibody - 200-401-B61S
200-401-B74S Anti-Bovine VEGF-A (RABBIT) Antibody - 200-401-B74S
200-401-B91S Anti-TEV Protease (Rabbit) Antibody - 200-401-B91S  
200-401-B98S Anti-DbpA (RABBIT) Antibody - 200-401-B98S  
200-401-C09S Anti-ErpD/Arp37 (RABBIT) Antibody - 200-401-C09S
200-401-C10S Anti-ErpN/OspE (RABBIT) Antibody - 200-401-C10S  
200-401-C11S Anti-OspC (RABBIT) Antibody - 200-401-C11S
200-401-C12S Anti-p35 (RABBIT) Antibody - 200-401-C12S
200-401-C13S Anti-OspA (RABBIT) Antibody - 200-401-C13S
200-401-C14S Anti-Flagellin (RABBIT) Antibody - 200-401-C14S  
200-401-C15S Anti-OspB (RABBIT) Antibody - 200-401-C15S
200-401-C16S Anti-Dbp-B (RABBIT) Antibody - 200-401-C16S  
200-401-C17S Anti-p39 (RABBIT) Antibody - 200-401-C17S
200-401-C18S Anti-CRASP-1 (RABBIT) Antibody - 200-401-C18S  
200-401-C19S Anti-CRASP-2 (RABBIT) Antibody - 200-401-C19S  
200-401-C30S Anti-Surface Lipoprotein p27 (RABBIT) Antibody - 200-401-C30S  
200-401-C33S Anti-VlsE (Rabbit) Antibody - 200-401-C33S  
200-401-C43S Anti-Cenexin-1 (Rabbit) Antibody - 200-401-C43S  
200-501-B07S Anti-NAG-1 (C-terminal specific) (RAT) Monoclonal Antibody - 200-501-B07S
200-901-B20S Anti-L1/ORF2 (CHICKEN) Antibody - 200-901-B20S
201-401-B77S Anti-Bovine IL-1F5 (RABBIT) Antibody - 201-401-B77S  
201-401-B84S Anti-Bovine CXCL10 Antibody (Rabbit) - 201-401-B84S  
201-401-C41S Anti-Bovine Interferon Gamma (RABBIT) Antibody - 201-401-C41S
202-401-311S Anti-Cat IL-8 (RABBIT) Antibody - 202-401-311S  
202-401-B95S Anti-Cat IL-2 (RABBIT) Antibody - 202-401-B95S
203-401-C41S Anti-Chicken Interferon Gamma (RABBIT) Antibody - 203-401-C41S
209-301-310S Anti-Human IL-6 (MOUSE) Monoclonal Antibody - 209-301-310S
209-301-B31S Anti-Human IL-17F (MOUSE) Monoclonal Antibody - 209-301-B31S  
209-301-B32S Anti-Human IL-17A (MOUSE) Monoclonal Antibody - 209-301-B32S  
209-301-B51S Anti-Human MIP-3α (MOUSE) Monoclonal Antibody - 209-301-B51S  
209-301-B61S Anti-Human IL-17F (MOUSE) Monoclonal Antibody - 209-301-B61S  
209-301-C58S Anti-Human IL-17E (MOUSE) Monoclonal Antibody - 209-301-C58S
209-301-E62S Anti-BIN1 (MOUSE) Monoclonal Antibody - 209-301-E62S
209-401-306S Anti-Human TNF-α (RABBIT) Antibody - 209-401-306S  
209-401-B32S Anti-Human IL-17A (RABBIT) Antibody - 209-401-B32S  
209-401-B50S Anti-Human IL-33 (RABBIT) Antibody - 209-401-B50S
209-401-B88S Anti-NAG-1 (RABBIT) Antibody - 209-401-B88S  
210-301-B66S Anti-Mouse EBI-3 (MOUSE) Monoclonal Antibody - 210-301-B66S  
210-301-B89S Anti-Esrp-1 (MOUSE) Monoclonal Antibody - 210-301-B89S  
210-301-C31S Anti-Esrp-1/2 (MOUSE) Monoclonal Antibody - 210-301-C31S
210-301-C32S Anti-Esrp-2 (MOUSE) Monoclonal Antibody - 210-301-C32S
210-301-C55S Anti-Mouse EBI-3 (MOUSE) Monoclonal Antibody - 210-301-C55S  
210-301-C56S Anti-Mouse EBI-3 (MOUSE) Monoclonal Antibody - 210-301-C56S  
210-301-E58S Anti-IDO1 (MOUSE) Monoclonal Antibody - 210-301-E58S  
210-301-E59S Anti-IDO2 (MOUSE) Monoclonal Antibody - 210-301-E59S
210-401-323S Anti-Mouse IL-18 (RABBIT) Antibody - 210-401-323S
210-401-B68S Anti-NAG-1 (RABBIT) Antibody - 210-401-B68S
210-501-B32S Anti-Mouse IL-17A (RAT) Monoclonal Antibody - 210-501-B32S  
210-501-B51S Anti-Mouse MIP-3α (RAT) Monoclonal Antibody - 210-501-B51S
210-501-B54S Anti-Mouse IL-27/p28 (RAT) Monoclonal Antibody - 210-501-B54S  
210-501-B66S Anti-Mouse EBI-3 (RAT) Monoclonal Antibody - 210-501-B66S  
214-401-306S Anti-Swine TNFα (RABBIT) Antibody - 214-401-306S
214-401-B85S Anti-Swine MIP-1ß (RABBIT) Antibody - 214-401-B85S  
214-401-C40S Anti-Swine Interferon Beta (RABBIT) Antibody - 214-401-C40S  
600-401-103S Anti-Collagen Type I (RABBIT) Antibody - 600-401-103S  
600-401-104S Anti-Collagen Type II (RABBIT) Antibody - 600-401-104S  
600-401-105S Anti-Collagen Type III (RABBIT) Antibody - 600-401-105S  
600-401-106S Anti-Collagen Type IV (RABBIT) Antibody - 600-401-106S  
600-401-107S Anti-Collagen Type V (RABBIT) Antibody - 600-401-107S  
600-401-252S Anti-Telomerase catalytic subunit (RABBIT) Antibody - 600-401-252S  
600-401-253S Anti-Beta Amyloid (RABBIT) Antibody - 600-401-253S  
600-401-394S Anti-Mcl-1 (RABBIT) Antibody - 600-401-394S  
600-401-416S Anti-Myosin pS19/pS20 (RABBIT) Antibody - 600-401-416S
600-401-417S Anti-Nestin (RABBIT) Antibody - 600-401-417S
600-401-421S Anti-PPAR alpha (N-terminal specific) (RABBIT) Antibody - 600-401-421S  
600-401-677S Anti-Aurora B pT232 (RABBIT) Antibody - 600-401-677S  
600-401-692S Anti-ROBO-1 (RABBIT) Antibody - 600-401-692S  
600-401-696S Anti-DELTA-4 (RABBIT) Antibody - 600-401-696S  
600-401-845S Anti-Gli-2 (RABBIT) Antibody - 600-401-845S
600-401-914S Anti-Histone H2AvD pS137 (RABBIT) Antibody - 600-401-914S  
600-401-919S Anti-SMAD3 pS423 pS425 (RABBIT) Antibody - 600-401-919S
600-401-926S Anti-iASPP (RABBIT) Antibody - 600-401-926S
600-401-965S Anti-Pdcd4 (RABBIT) Antibody - 600-401-965S
600-401-967S Anti-ABCB1 (RABBIT) Antibody - 600-401-967S
600-401-989S Anti-c-MET pY1349 pY1356 (RABBIT) Antibody - 600-401-989S
600-401-991S Anti-Ubiquitin-Conjugating Enzyme E2 J1 (Ube2j1) [RABBIT) Antibody - 600-401-991S
600-401-997S Anti-Cripto-1 (TDGF1) (RABBIT) Antibody - 600-401-997S  
600-401-A23S Anti-Cybr (RABBIT) Antibody - 600-401-A23S  
600-401-A26S Anti-Homeobox protein SIX3 (RABBIT) Antibody - 600-401-A26S
600-401-A29S Anti-Selenoprotein W (RABBIT) Antibody - 600-401-A29S  
600-401-A38S Anti-Thyroid Hormone Receptor alpha (THRA) (RABBIT) Antibody - 600-401-A38S  
600-401-A40S Anti-NCOA3 (RABBIT) Antibody - 600-401-A40S  
600-401-A59S Anti-SMAD2 (RABBIT) Antibody - 600-401-A59S
600-401-A61S Anti-C/EBP delta (RABBIT) Antibody - 600-401-A61S  
600-401-A62S Anti-eIF3S6/Int6 (RABBIT) Antibody - 600-401-A62S
600-401-A73S Anti-Fibroblast Activation Protein (FAP) (RABBIT) Antibody - 600-401-A73S
600-401-A76S Anti-Protein Kinase C beta (RABBIT) Antibody - 600-401-A76S  
600-401-A77S Anti-ABCB5 (RABBIT) Antibody - 600-401-A77S  
600-401-A89S Anti-Pogz (RABBIT) Antibody - 600-401-A89S
600-401-A90S Anti-PTEN-P1 (RABBIT) Antibody] - 600-401-A90S  
600-401-A91S Anti-MLF1 Interacting Protein (C-terminal specific) (RABBIT) Antibody - 600-401-A91S  
600-401-A92S Anti-MLF1 Interacting Protein (N-terminal specific) (RABBIT) Antibody - 600-401-A92S
600-401-A93S Anti-STAT2 pY690 (RABBIT) Antibody - 600-401-A93S  
600-401-A94S Anti-KSHV ORF57 (RABBIT) Antibody - 600-401-A94S
600-401-A95S Anti-Oct-4 (RABBIT) Antibody - 600-401-A95S  
600-401-A96S Anti-Thyroid Hormone Receptor ß1 (THRB1) (RABBIT) Antibody - 600-401-A96S
600-401-B04S Anti-Lac I (RABBIT) Antibody - 600-401-B04S  
600-401-B05S Anti-NEDD4 (RABBIT) Antibody - 600-401-B05S
600-401-B06S Anti-c-Myb (RABBIT) Antibody - 600-401-B06S  
600-401-B07S Anti-NAG-1 (C-terminal specific) (RABBIT) Antibody - 600-401-B07S
600-401-B08S Anti-NAG-1 (H variant specific) (RABBIT) Antibody - 600-401-B08S
600-401-B09S Anti-NAG-1 (D variant specific) (RABBIT) Antibody - 600-401-B09S  
600-401-B10S Anti-NAG-1 (N-terminal specific) (RABBIT) Antibody - 600-401-B10S
600-401-B11S Anti-Spa310 (pRb2/p130) (RABBIT) Antibody - 600-401-B11S  
600-401-B15S Anti-ATDC (RABBIT) Antibody - 600-401-B15S
600-401-B16S Anti-ATDC Ac-K116 (RABBIT) Antibody - 600-401-B16S
600-401-B22S Anti-Plasminogen Activator Inhibitor 2 (RABBIT) Antibody - 600-401-B22S  
600-401-B23S Anti-SMAD1 pS206 (RABBIT) Antibody - 600-401-B23S
600-401-B24S Anti-SUMO Activating Enzyme E1 (SAE1) pS185 (RABBIT) Antibody - 600-401-B24S
600-401-B27S Anti-TRAF2 (RABBIT) Antibody - 600-401-B27S
600-401-B28S Anti-Muscle Glycogen Synthase pS640 (RABBIT) Antibody - 600-401-B28S
600-401-B29S Anti-SMAD1 (RABBIT) Antibody - 600-401-B29S
600-401-B30S Anti-p90 RSK1 pS732 (RABBIT) Antibody - 600-401-B30S
600-401-B43S Anti-Ubiquitin-Conjugating Enzyme E2 J2 (Ube2j2) [RABBIT) Antibody - 600-401-B43S  
600-401-B52S Anti-PRDM1/Blimp1 (RABBIT) Antibody - 600-401-B52S
600-401-B62S Anti-CASZ1 (RABBIT) Antibody - 600-401-B62S
600-401-B67S Anti-Human RRM2B/p53R2 (RABBIT) Antibody - 600-401-B67S  
600-401-C29S Anti-BrdU (RABBIT) Antibody - 600-401-C29S
600-401-C42S Anti-CTCF (RABBIT) Antibody - 600-401-C42S  
600-401-C47S Anti-c-Myb pT486 (RABBIT) Antibody - 600-401-C47S
600-401-C48S Anti-SMAD3 pT179 (RABBIT) Antibody - 600-401-C48S
600-401-C49S Anti-ATG13 pS318 (RABBIT) Antibody - 600-401-C49S
600-401-C50S Anti-ATG13 (RABBIT) Antibody - 600-401-C50S
600-401-C51S Anti-SUMO Activating Enzyme E1 (SAE1) (RABBIT) Antibody - 600-401-C51S  
600-401-C52S Anti-Hice1 pS70 (Rabbit) Antibody - 600-401-C52S
600-401-C53S Anti-Hice1 (Rabbit) Antibody - 600-401-C53S
600-401-C64S Anti-STAT3 pY705 (RABBIT) Antibody - 600-401-C64S
600-401-C65S Anti-POLB (DNA polymerase beta) (RABBIT) Antibody - 600-401-C65S
600-401-C66S Anti-p90 RSK1 (RABBIT) Antibody - 600-401-C66S
600-401-C67S Anti-STAT6 pY641 (RABBIT) Antibody - 600-401-C67S
600-401-C68S Anti-beta Catenin (RABBIT) Antibody - 600-401-C68S
600-401-E68S Anti-Sprouty-2 (RABBIT) Antibody - 600-401-E68S
600-401-E70S Anti-SMAD3 (RABBIT) Antibody - 600-401-E70S
600-601-400S Anti-ATM Protein Kinase pS1981 (SHEEP) Antibody - 600-601-400S
600-601-401S Anti-AKT (SHEEP) Antibody - 600-601-401S  
610-401-B87S Anti-NAG-1 (RABBIT) Antibody - 610-401-B87S