Established in 1962, Rockland Immunochemicals Inc. is a global biotechnology company manufacturing leading edge research tools for basic, applied and clinical research in functional genomics, gene therapy and drug discovery markets. Rockland is a privately held company which operates a manufacturing facility with antibody and protein production capabilities located near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. European and Asian markets are supported through a highly specialized network of key distributors. Our laboratories consist of over 60,000 square feet, producing antibodies and antibody-based tools that are used to help define mechanisms underlying cell function and disease.



Our reputation is based on attention to detail, customer service and continuous investment in the tools and technologies required to develop a world-class product line. We understand and appreciate how our products are helping solve significant global problems in life science research. We take great care to validate our products before they reach any research laboratory. Every lot of every product is quality-control tested to a rigorous standard and application-tested for consistent performance.

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Technology: The technology base of the organization is the experience of our staff scientists in the production and purification of a wide range of antibodies through monoclonal and polyclonal antibody techniques utilizing both in-vitro and in-vivo methods. Our staff is also experienced in recombinant  protein generation using bacterial, yeast and mammalian expression systems. Rockland Immunochemicals, Inc. offers integrated  services to users that allow for the sub-cloning of gene(s) of interest into the appropriate expression vector, transformation or transfection into the appropriate system, expression of the protein in culture, purification of the protein and immunization for polyclonal or monoclonal antibody production. Antibodies, in conjunction with targets proteins, can be configured and optimized in a variety of assays satisfy various needs of the biopharmaceutical community.




Commercialization: Antibodies produced by Rockland Immunochemicals Inc. are suited for performing high throughput screening (HTS), drug discovery, diagnostic kit production and life science research. Primary antibodies are offered as off the shelf reagents and target Apolipoproteins, Apoptosis / Cell Cycle, Cytokines, Epigenetics, Extracellular Matrix and Transcription Factors. Secondary antibodies are conjugated to a broad range of enzymes and fluorophors. Rockland Immunochemicals Inc. has the ability to custom produce antibodies which can be purified and conjugated to user's exact specifications.




Partnering: Our goal is to work with researchers in the life sciences to identify those bioreagent needs, which currently limit the pace of research. We then seek to meet those needs with the most highly characterized and highest quality reagents commercially available. 

In the pursuit of top-quality bioreagents, we have found that government and academic laboratories usually characterized their own reagents much more thoroughly than is economically possible in commercial organizations with hundreds or thousands of products. Accordingly, we have partnered with many leading cell signaling laboratories around the world. As an example, our National Cancer Institute's Cancer Research collaboration has released over 100 antibodies involved in signal transduction and cancer research.


Animal Care & Use: Rockland is committed to take actions to ensure that laboratory animals are treated according to high ethical and scientific standards. We strive to create a laboratory environment in which humane care and respect for animals are valued and encouraged. All animals at Rockland’s facilities are handled with care and respect.  Click here to learn more about Rockland's animal care & use.