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Host Cell Protein (HCP) Antibody Generation

Host Cell Protein Antibody Generation Overview


Biopharmaceuticals require products to be free of host cell protein (HCP) contaminants.  These HCPs may be left behind during the purification process from the expression hosts, such as E. coli, insect, or mammalian cells.   To investigate the presence of residual contamination during the bioprocessing and the final biopharmaceutical product, development of custom polyclonal antibody reagents with maximum coverage against native HCP extracts is required. Please see US FDA Guidelines for Bioanalytical Validation.

Rockland provides multiple customizable options for HCP antibody development.  These options allow flexibility to the researcher to develop early stage through late stage HCP detection reagents.




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Download the Multi-assay Functional Antibodies in HCP Detection poster



HCP Development Poster

Download the Enhanced Standardized HCP poster


Host Cell Protein Workflow


Producing an HCP Antibody: Workflow