Enhanced HCP ELISA detection using Antibodies validated by two-dimensional (2D) electrophoresis and western blotting

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Biopharmaceuticals require products to be free of host cell protein (HCP) contaminants. These HCPs may be left behind during the purification process from the expression hosts, such as E. coli, insect, or mammalian cells. To investigate the removal of impurities (HCPs) during bioprocessing and residual HCPs in the final biopharmaceutical  product, development of custom polyclonal antibody reagents with maximum coverage against native HCP extracts is required.

Rockland provides multiple customizable options for HCP antibody development. These options allow flexibility to the researcher to develop early stage through late stage HCP detection reagents.

Rockland also offers generic HCP-detection products like KCA-J07, an E.coli HCP Western Blot kit that contains 2D validated antibodies, HRP conjugated secondary antibodies, Block and wash solution and E.coli control proteins. Rockland’s 2D validated antibodies have been shown to react to over 300 E.coli proteins from SDS/DTT solubilized E.coli cells. Click here to learn more.

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