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Molecular biology products and services represent an invaluable tool for the discovery and characterization of gene function in every area of life sciences. Many enzymes commonly used in molecular biology are available as standard products available through our website.  Choose from Rockland’s growing suite of molecular  biology custom services to accelerate your studies whether working on basic  research or performing more advanced, translational studies. By directly  interacting with our molecular biology scientists at every step of the process  you gain flexibility and reliability during the experimental design and  execution of your project. Rockland’s molecular biology services include:


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 DNA Synthesis 


Oligonucleotides can be synthesized according to your custom sequence.  Nucleic acids can be fully sequenced according to your specific requirements.  Either single strand or double strand analysis of oligos, DNA fragments cloned in plasmids or other forms of DNA can be performed. 


  • Oligonucleotide Synthesis - MBS-019
  • Oligonucleotide Sequencing - MBS-020


Gene Cloning 

Rockland will design, synthesize and clone your gene insert into the desired vector. Alternatively, you can provide your gene insert either as purified DNA, within a purified plasmid or contained in a slab culture and we will ligate it into the appropriate vector.
  • Vector Construction - MBS-001
  • Plasmid Isolation using mini-prep system - MBS-002
  • Plasmid Restriction Mapping - MBS-003
Gene Cloning



Protein Expression  


The recombinant protein will be expressed at the desired scale in the expression system of your choice.



 E. coli
  • Bacterial protein expression 1L – MBS-004  
 Insect Cells
  • Recombinant Baculovirus – MBS-005
  • Plaque assay for viral stock – MBS-006
  • Baculovirus amplification using SF9 – MBS-007
  • Baculovirus MOI Optimization up to 6 small cultures – MBS-008
  • Baculovirus protein expression up to 1L – MBS-009
Mammalian Cells
  • Mammalian transient transfection – MBS-010
  • Mammalian stable transfection up to five clones – MBS-011
  • Mammalian retroviral transfection (transduction) – MBS-012
  • Additional Colony expansions per clone - MAB-004
  • Cell expansion and cryopreservation (up to 4 vials) - MAB-084
  • Extended culture time for sample analysis - MAB-019
  • Cell lysate service - MAB-081
  • Cryopreservation of parental cell line (per clone up to 4 vials) - MAB-016
  • Liquid nitrogen storage per clone per year up to 6 vials - MAB-005
  • Master cell banking – MAB-022
  • Mammalian protein expression 1000 sq2 (T-150 x 6) – MBS-013
  • Large Scale Production of Expressed Protein in HeLa cells - MBS-031
  • 7 Liter batch bioreactor - MAB-031
  • Media for bioreactor batch production - MAB-035
  • Time Course and MOI (multiplicity of infection ) Assay - MBS-030
 Protein Expression




Protein Purification  


Let us do your protein expression or send us the source material and the target protein will be thoroughly purified from contaminating proteins using a multi-step process that includes affinity chromatography.


  • Poly His Tag protein purification 1L – MBS-014
  • GST protein purification 1L – MBS-015
  • Custom protein purification – MBS-016
  • Affinity purification – CUST06
  • HPLC purification – CUST12
  • HPLC Analysis – CUST70
  • Concentration by ultrafiltration – CUST80
  • Custom Lyophilization – CUST30
Protein Purification


DNA Libraries 

A cDNA library is generated in one of several available vectors using as little as 20 ng of mRNA.

  •  cDNA Library Construction - MBS-033


Purification and Isolation of Nucleic Acids 

  Genomic DNA or mRNA is isolated from either frozen tissue or tissue culture cell preparations.


  • Genomic DNA isolation - MBS-032  
  • mRNA Isolation
  • cDNA Synthesis
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  • Computational analysis – MBS-018
  • Antigen consultation design of peptide or recombinant protein – CUST95



Other Molecular Biology Services 


  •  Custom molecular biology services - MBS-017

Do you have a special molecular biology project but can’t find it on our Molecular Biology Services page? Please contact Customer Support for additional details and let us know how we can help.



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