Immunohistochemistry Studies

Rockland's Immunohistochemistry Studies (IHC) provide confidential high-quality target localization data through its extensive services. Researchers are presented with the option of outsourcing their entire IHC studies, bypassing the difficulties of sourcing and characterizing the appropriate target-specific antibodies or difficult-to-find validated tissues and the complex immunostain interpretation thereof. Commonly requested standardized IHC services are offered as Service Packets; however, Rockland’s custom design of your required study plan will address your particular biological questions. All studies are conducted under R&D conditions, are confidential and the results are proprietary to the customer.


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Custom Immunohistochemistry Services:

Confidential custom target expression-profiling studies are performed on a fee-for-service basis without royalties or milestone payments and include the following:

    Study Design:
    Contract research studies are initiated through customer consultation during which study objectives, available resources and the optimal scientific approach are discussed. Rockland has conducted successful localization studies for more than 100 companies worldwide, collective experience that will be directly applied to ensure the success of your study.


    Antibody selection and validation:
    Antibodies can be provided by the client, acquired from Rockland's antibody catalogue or purchased commercially. Should an antibody not be available, Rockland’s target-specific antibody development and production services might further aid your research needs.


    Tissue selection and validation:
    Tissue specimen best suited to address your study objective are chosen from Rockland's extensive Tissue Bank comprising normal and diseased, frozen and formalin-fixed, human and non-human tissues or can be supplied by the client. Should a desired tissue not be available in Rockland's tissue microarray (TMA) inventory; required specimens can be commercially sourced or collected prospectively by Rockland for use in your study. Rockland also offers custom tissue microarray design. All tissue specimens undergo rigorous testing to ensure proper fixation, accurate diagnosis and antigen validation prior to their application in your study.


    Assay Optimization:
    Study-associated antibodies are evaluated in Phase I to ensure optimal performance prior to their application in selected tissues in Phase II. The optimal staining concentration is established by serial dilution of the antibody together with the optimization of antigen-retrieval conditions to enhance the signal-to-noise ratio.


    Phase II entails the use of the antibody under optimized assay conditions to immunolabel selected tissues of interest. Through Rockland’s extensive experience, the application of either single or multiple antibodies – using the double-labeling technique – can provide additional information on target co-localization and cell type differentiation by specific markers.


    Immunolabeled slides are interpreted by Rockland's pathologists who have extensive knowledge in the interpretation of the often complex behavior of antibodies in IHC. Cellular localization profiles are correlated during the evaluation of normal and/or diseased tissue specimen.


    Detailed Reports:
    Rockland offers a flexible report format; facilitating report customization dependent upon the desired level of interpretation. The two most common formats include the Full Text and Tabular report.


    Full-Text Reports:
    Full-Text reports incorporate the detailed description and interpretation of the immunolocalization pattern observed by Rockland's pathologists inclusive of 3 to 5 representative images for each tissue sample and is frequently requested for studies involving CNS tissues, co-localization studies or those involving rare events and minor cell types. Patient sample information is included in this format.


    Tabular Reports with or without Imaging:
    Tabular Reports include the pathologist’s quantification of the observed signal present in major cell types within each tissue sample on a scale of 0-4. Results are presented in tabular format and provide practical information during the initial stages of target characterization, screening studies or those involving major cell types or homogeneous tissues. The optional inclusion of selected images for each tissue sample is dependent on the client’s request.


    Study Deliverables:
    Upon conclusion of individual studies, Rockland will issue a report detailing the assay conditions, the applied antibody dilution specifications and localization results for each assayed tissue specimen. If available, selected patient information including age, sex and cause of death or surgery is provided with each sample. Rockland offers a variety of reporting formats to meet the varied needs of our customers.


    Standard IHC studies span the course of 3 to 12 weeks and are dependent on the complexity of the undertaken study; however, Rockland strives to complete all client-related work in an expeditious manner.


    Rockland offers unparalleled quality and competitive pricing for its IHC contract research services. Due to the variable nature of these studies, a custom quotation is issued for each study.



Standard IHC Service Packets:

The most commonly requested IHC study plans are offered by Rockland as service packets for the client’s ease-of-use. Just send us your antibodies and we will return your data! Studies can be customized to include multiple antibodies, to combine tissue lists or to specify the level of interpretation.



Each service packet includes the following:

  • Selection and IHC characterization of one (1) client supplied antibody*
  • Delivery of an antibody characterization report
  • Antigen preservation testing of the Rockland supplied tissues with control antibodies
  • Verification of pathology and fixation quality of the Rockland supplied tissues
  • Immunolabeling of the Rockland supplied tissues with the one (1) antibody
  • Appropriate study controls (secondary antibody without primary antibody)
  • Interpretation of the immunolabeling pattern by a Rockland pathologist
  • Delivery of a final localization report including digital images

  • * Commercially available antibodies can also be supplied by Rockland at additional costs. 



Available Service Packets:

  • Protein Expression in Normal Human Tissues
  • Protein Expression in Cancer
  • Protein Expression in Metabolic Disorders
  • Protein Expression in Inflammatory Disease
  • Differential Protein Expression Across Normal and Disease
  • Protein Expression in Non-Human Tissues
  • Protein Expression based upon FDA Recommendations

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