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  Pall Life Sciences, a global leader in life science products and services, has teamed up with Rockland Immunochemicals to demonstrate the impact of high quality products in Western Blotting.

The BLItz™ Label Free System from Pall ForteBio, paired with Rockland's high performing antibodies and antibody based tools are a time-effective and accurate way to run western blots, and answer critical questions.

Other western blotting products from Pall and Rockland are deomstrated in the brochure, available upon request or download. These products include Pall's Filter Plates and PVDF Transfer Membranes, as well as Rockland's Epitope Tag, Phospho Specific, and Epigenetic antibodies, Gel Electrophoresis Markers, Blocking Buffers and TrueBlot.






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TrueBlot IP/Western Blot Mouse Rabbit Goat




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